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Friday, August 30, 2013

The Dream Travel

     I have travelled across many places in India and my most memorable trip was that of Shimla, Kullu, Manali. Though I liked Manali most in all that places, I want to explore inner Himalayan region in my next trip. I have never gone to Ladakh, but I have seen it's beauty in photos and bewitched by it. So I would like to go to Ladakh via Manali for my next trip.

     For a good trip one needs good company. So I will prefer the same group - My family and some of my relatives (about 10 -12 people) for this trip with whom I had done earlier Shimla, Kullu, Manali trip. All those are as eager as me for the Ladakh trip. 

     We will take the route of Manali to Keylong to Sarchu to Tsomoriri to Tsokar to Leh to Nubra to Leh and travel for 15 days. As we are all vegetarians we will choose the Hotels which will provide vegetarian meal while our stay. Also we will book 8 seater cars with expert drivers for our group for travelling from Chandigarh. For this 15 days travel we will take Maps, First Aid Box and some Home Made Snacks along with our luaggage.

     At first we will go to Chandigarh by flight and from there we will reach to Manali by cars.

     In this travel we will first see the apple orchards, then beautiful Vyas / Biyas river along the roadside on the background of snowy hills.

     After reaching Manali and ckecking in the hotel, we will visit the local market and spend our time in leisure. At night we will spend some time in chatting and playing cards, and other games like Antakshari. On the next day we will go for playing adventure sports like Paragliding, Zorbing, Horse Riding and River Rafting etc.

     After playing adventure sports, we will take a leisurely walk along the bank of river Vyas / Biyas and while watching the scenery of blooming Roses on the background of snowy hills and we will reach to the Club House.

     After spending our time there, we will go to one of the nearby tourist spot if time will permit. On the next day we will visit Vashishta Temple, Hidimba / Hadimba Temple etc. and at evening again take leisurely walk along the bank of River Vyas / Biyas.

     On the next day at the time of early in the morning we will start our travel to go to Keylong via Rohtang Pass. By that way we will pass through snowy mountains populated by rush of visitors.

     After passing the tourist spot of Rohtang Pass the scene will start to change, landscape will become barren.

     By the end of that day we will reach to Keylong and explore the land we had not visited before. The good company, expert drivers and the serene beauty of land will made our minds tranquil and we will take experience of new adventures in that hilly land. And I believe, while returning from Leh by flight we will be calling it as our most memorable trip.

Note - This post is written as entry for contest "Creating Happy Travellers" by Indiblogger.


  1. Leh is on many travellers' wish list. Loved reading your post!

    Please read and rate my entry too. Thanks :D

    1. Thank you for your comment!
      I am also eager to read other entries. :)

  2. You have some absolutely delightful photos in there in your album and I must say that I love the decoration of your blog too. Colourful yet readable. Good work.