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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The Lost Chance

     Sachindra was one of the wealthy man in the city. Ten years ago he had started his new business and soon he became successful. He had earned good money. It was his dream to be recognized as the wealthiest man in the city. For that he was doing everything that was possible. He had sponsored many programs in the city so that people will know him well.

     Now there was a new club opened in the city whose name was "The Elite Club". Sachindra wanted to be a member of that club, but the membership was not open to all. Only a member of club had the right to suggest the name of the person for new membership. Also club's fee was quite high - few lacks. Other charges of the club were also high. But the club was having many facilities like Golf Court, Tennis court, Jogging Track, Gym, Spa, Library etc. And the club was having some strict rules, following which was possible only for wealthy men. For Sachindra getting membership of that club was a chance for getting new business opportunities. So he was trying for that.

     Finally he met a rich man who was member of that club and he was ready to suggest Sachindra's name for club's membership. He gave him the necessary forms to fill up for membership and wrote a suggestion letter for Sachindra.

     Finally on one day Sachindra got a call from "The Elite Club" and he was asked to come for an introduction. Sachindra was very busy in those days and in happy mood of getting the membership, he immediately went to the club. But alas! The man at the door stopped him while entering in.  Sachindra asked him, "What happened? I have all papers with myself and an appointment with club's president."

     That man said, "Sir, you are not following all the rules."

     Sachindra cried, " I have followed all your rules. I have worn this suit worth Rupees twenty thousand. I have worn the tie also with club's tie pin on it. See my shoes which are of latest brand. See my expensive branded watch. Now why are you stopping me?"

     That man answered, "Sorry Sir, but you have forgotten to clean shave your stubble. We do not give entry to members if they are not clean shaven. We follow our rules very strictly. So I will not allow to you to go inside. Please take appointment again for another day and come in clean shaven, well groomed look. Then only I will give you entry." 

     By that answer Sachindra knew that, it was his stubble came in way of his chance to make a good impression and he had lost one chance.

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Thursday, October 16, 2014

It fits in my daily routine like...

Hot Sun, scorching heat and sweating but burnt skin…
Rain and oily, patchy skin…
Wind and dusty, dry skin…
Cold and dry, rough skin…
Thus all over the year our skin faces the problems and we try to keep our skin fresh and good looking. While maintaining our skin fresh our effort increases, when we have to do all our morning work at home and then go out for work at the start of the day. When we go out, we do not only face different environmental conditions, but also the pollution, stress of travelling and work which are all affecting our skin in some way. The people who works at odd times have to take more efforts for maintaining their skin. In all this struggle some people succeeds in maintaining fresh looking skin. What do they do? Some people are having naturally fresh and perfectly looking skin which increases their beauty. But those who don’t have such skin… what efforts they take to keep their skin fresh and perfect looking? This question is important for many people for whom looks, dressing sense etc. are much more important for their profession. Do these people (especially women) apply all the different kinds of creams like gels, body lotion, moisturizer, foundation, concealers, hilighters, creams for under eye dark circles etc. etc. etc.? If these women are using so many creams then how much time they are spending for maintaining their skin and keeping it fresh? How do they manage it in the hurry of going out? And even if they managed to keep their skin looking perfect for any particular occasion how they manage it for different occasion? Some women (and sometime beauty conscious men also) face such problems. One of the women had to go for company’s office exam at morning, then she had to attend some family function at afternoon and at evening she had to attend the business meeting with company client. So at morning she had to do formal make-up, then for afternoon she had to do heavy make-up for the function and she had not much time for that, then again she had to formal but slightly dark make-up for the business meeting and she had not much time for it. Such situations are difficult to handle and needs some simple short cuts. It is troublesome to keep and use many types of cosmetics for perfect looking skin in different occasions. But it’s easy to use just one tube of a cosmetic which moisturizes the skin giving it brighter, smooth looking perfect appearance. 

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Friday, August 8, 2014

An Evening Delight!

     It was an unplanned party, given suddenly. There was no planning, no invitations, nothing. That day a packet of eggless Marble Cakes and Nan Khatais was handed to me. Seeing all that I decided to make cold Rose Milk to serve with it. There was cold milk kept in refrigerator, so there was nothing to do much but only I had to take that milk out, add sugar to it and then add the rose concetrate in it. The Rose Milk was ready in minutes. It's my favorite cold drink, especially in summer I used to drink it. It's delightful to take sips of pink coloured cold Rose Milk having fragrance of Rose with crushed Rose Petals in it.

     The cold Rose Milk was ready to serve in plain glasses, garnished with Rose Petals and Silver sugar balls (Dragees) on it.

     The glasses were became dewy due to the cold milk.

     And the Silver sugar balls (Dragees) were looking like tiny shining pearls on red petals of Rose.

     The total combination was very pleasent. The sweet scent of Rose with bright light shining on that Rose Milk was the feast to our eyes.

     In addition to the cold Rose Milk the eggless Marble Cake having flavours of Vanilla and Strawberry was ready to serve in a dish.

     For those who like to eat the cake slices with fruit jam, the cake slices were smeared with mixed fruit jam and the Silver sugar balls (Dragees) spread on it.

     Even without any decoration, the colours of cake were looking so attractive that in very less time only some pieces of Marble cake were left and the glasses of cold Rose Milk became empty. But no worry. The empty glasses were washed and filled again with cold Rose Milk and for the cake lovers, another Marble cake having Vanilla and Chocolate flavours was served in deep rectangular dish. That off-white and chocolate coloured combination was so tempting! 

     Now the earlier cake pieces having flavours of Vanilla and Strawberry were kept in casserole lid for those who hadn't tasted it yet.

     With milk and cakes there were Nan Khatais (The Indian Cookies) kept in baby gourmet bowl, ready to eat. The Nan Khatais having different shapes were not only colourful but were garnished nicely with different things on it with beautiful impressions.

     Thus the dishes were not only tasty and delightful but colourful also and I am now eagerly waiting for next such occasion.

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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

My favorite Dishes

     I was just relaxed after some work on that evening and now it was time to cook something for dinner. There were some Puris remained after the lunch and the Kantola Sabzi (Karatula Bhaji) was remained in a small bowl. So I decided to cook my favorite dishes. After cooking I served it on table.

     The Kadhi made using sweet-sour buttermilk (tak) having flavour of asafoetida, cumin with littile pinch of turmeric, green chillies, curry leaves and coriander was served in a casserole.

     The nutritious, moist Khichadi made of rice and moong dal was served and garnished with coconut shreads and coriander.

     How can a dish of Khichadi will become complete without any pickle?

     So the sour and spicy Mango Pickle was ready giving mouth watering feeling to tongue.

     Kadhi, Khichadi, Mango Pickle all this combination completes with Papad.

     So the Alu papad (Batata papad) were ready to serve with Puris and nutritious Kantola Sabzi (Karatula Bhaji) embellishing each other in the dish.

     Also the Fruit Salad was kept in bowl to add more taste.

     Cool water from earthen mataka was filled in glasses to quench the thirst.

     Thus all my favorite dishes were ready on the table to make my dinner memorable!

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Friday, August 1, 2014

The Simple Regular Maharastrian Meal

     When I received the mega-hamper of Glassware, I was eager to use it. Finally one day I decided to use it for the dinner.

     While cooking, my brother called me on my phone and told me that he will come late at night at the time of dinner. So after cooking I made Strawberry Sharbat for him and started arranging the dishes on table for dinner. The menu was that of a simple, regular Maharastrian meal.

     The Plain Dal (Sadha varan) made without any tadaka, having flavour of turmeric and asafoetida was filled in casserole and garnished with coconut shreads and coriander.

     The aromatic plain rice (Bhaat) was kept in bowl, embellished with pieces of tomato, carrot and coriander.

     And the favourite of all, yummy Alu Sabzi (Batatyachi Bhaji) was ready in the dish with coconut shreads and coriander spread on it.

     The Rotis (Ghadichi Poli) which are slightly thick compared to phulaka, were lightly brushed with drops of oil and arranged in the dish in folded manner.

     In addition to that Amba pak (modified version of Sakhar amba made using raw mangoes) was filled in bowl.

     The other bowl was filled with ready-made Bakarvadis and kept on table as my brother likes to eat something light as refreshment before dinner.

     And finally the glasses were filled with strawberry sharbat garnished with mint leaves, ready for drinking and came my brother.

     Thus all menu was ready on the table and we all took our dinner together. It was one of the rare days when all our family sits and dine together.

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Saturday, July 26, 2014

The mind pleasing fragrance

     It's a good opprtunity to visit Konkan in month of May and I got one. In hot sunny month of May Konkan looks embellished with greenery of Mango, Coconut and Catechu Plantations with fresh breeze of sea. I got chance to visit private Alphanso Mango plantations in Area of Devgad, Hindala region and that Alphanso (Hapus) Mango is considered as best in all Mangoes. The ripe Mangoes were kept on trees for the sake of owner. The trees were full of fruits, some fruits were fallen down in the red soil but no one was touching them. It was a pleasure to take walk in Mango plantations with cool breeze of sea. The breeze was spreading the aroma of ripe Mangoes and birds were getting attracted to it. The fresh ripe fruits from trees were taken down in front of me and offered to me. I was seating in that garden and eating fresh ripe Mangoes and enjoying cool breeze full of oxygenated air which was relaxing my mind. I was not only eating Mangoes but enjoying fragrance of Mangoes. I took a walk in that garden after eating. All that plantation had the sweet fragrance of Mangoes. It was a pleasent fragrance, the fragrance of Happiness, the fragrance of fond memories, the fragrance of stimulation, the fragrance of excitement and at the same time the fragrance of relaxation, it was that divine fragrance that gave me hevenly pleasure recalling all my happy memories. There was no tension, no worries but only the sweet mind relaxing fragrance of Mangoes which was touching my heart. I was feeling that aroma in my heart. I never enjoyed such a evocative experience before. With all that fragrance stored in my mind and with heavy heart I left from that plantation. But I will never forget that Ripe Mango fragrance.

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Monday, July 14, 2014

The Train Travel

     I still remember those rainy days. That time I was studying in college. I used to go by train for my college. At every morning when I was used to walk to station, the rain was catching me in the middle and I was immediately opening my umbrella. All the scene was changing in minutes. The roads were becoming muddy, the rickshaws were going by side scattering mud splashes on the people. Some people were walking fast in hurry scattering mud splashes by their sandles on other people's clothes and making them half soaked by the water droplets on their umbrella. In such a condition I was used to go to station in half soaked condition, cursing the mud with some splashes of mud on my clothes. The station was always crowded. In that crowd I was catching my train. The train was always full of people, most of them half soaked, some of them sweating in that humid climate and the height of all that was some 'koli' women were catching the train with their basket of fishes spreading an odour in train. Then the travellers like me had no other option but making noises of "yuk! Yuk!" and waiting for the next station. On the next station a 'garland and flower seller' woman was getting in the train and immediately the fragrance was spreading in the train. The fragrance spreading most in the train was that of 'Golden Champa' (sonchafa) flowers. Then all environment was becoming pleasent. Women were started calling that seller and buying the garlands and Golden Champa flowers. Even I was feeling pleasent by that Golden Champa fragrance, but my hair was short, so I had no other option but to take deep breaths and store that fragance in my mind.

     One day when I was sitting on the seat in the train in that humid climate, came the flower seller woman spreading fragrance. A traveller who was standing in front of me purchased all the Golden Champa flowers from that seller. The seller tied those flowers in big leaves and gave that packet to the traveller. As that traveller was standing in the crowd she asked me, if I can hold that flower packet for some time. I willingly told her, 'yes' and hold that packet in my hands. For an hour I kept that packet in my hands taking the deep breaths full of that fragrance. After that journey when I reached my college, a friend came and asked me, "Is it your birthday today?" I said, "No." Then she said me, "It must be your birthday today and you are hiding it from me. You are looking so refreshed and you have applied some perfume. I can smell it's fragrance from some distance." Then I told her that it was not the perfume but the fragrance of Golden Champa flowers lingering around me. Then I told her about the traveller who purchased those flowers and told me to hold it. Then only she belived me. But one more friend came and asked me about the fragrance and I had to repeat the same story. That day I understood how evocative the fragrance of Golden Champa was!

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Monday, July 7, 2014

An unforgettable experience

     One day I asked my mother, "Can you tell me about an unforgettable experience you have had in your past?" My mother replied, "Yes. It was a pleasent experience and I will never forget that cherishable memory." Then she told me the story, when she was studying in the college.

     It was the day of "Tripuri Pournima". Mother and her college friends decided to visit the "Kapaleshwar Shiv Mandir" at night. And their group of about 15 - 20 college students reached the temple at 8.00 p.m. It was a full moon night. All the temple was decorated with Diwali Diyas called as 'Panati' and the vertical deepmalas were arranged. In the temple, ladies were burning the 'Tripur'. The sanctum was decorated with flowers. The Shiv Lingam was decorated with a "Ardha Nari Nateshwar" mask showing Shiv  and Parvati together. All those friends prayed to Shiva, but their mind was diverted to the pleasent fragrance, which was coming from outside the temple.

     When they came out of the temple, they eagerly started walking to the place from where the fragrance was coming. It was the huge climber of Rat-rani (Cestrum Nocturnum) which was grown in the backyard of the temple. The Rat-rani was in full bloom spreading the fragrance in the surroundings. All of them immediately sat down on the stone seats arranged below the Rat-rani plant. Their was no street lamp, but full moon was brightly shining in the sky in the starry night and it's bright light was sufficient to see clearly. At some distance the small earthen diyas (panati) were burning, adding in the beauty of the night and the bewitched fragrance of Rat-rani was suggesting that the beauty has a scent also which was pleasing the mind. In that pleasent mood all of them sat in a relaxed mood and started chatting. They were not aware of how much time was passed in chatting but when someone called one of them, they became aware of time. Now it was time to go home. With heavy hearts they went to their houses. But that experience was carved on their minds forever. Still when they meet each other, they recalls that fragrant moment.

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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The Birthday Party

     Tomorrow littile Mini will turn five years old. She thinks about her birthday plans and tells to her mother, "Mom tomorrow I want Pizza with Cake, Chocolates and Chikoo Milkshake with Ice Cream for my Birthday party. All my friends like to eat yummy Cheezy pizza with the topping of Red Tomatoes, Green Capscicum, Yellow Baby corns and Black Olives. It looks so colourful and delicious! I can't stop eating the tasty mouth watering, finger-licking pizza with hot, sweet and sour sauce and spicy herbs on it. And I want sweet, fluffy, flavourful Pineapple cake with Pineapple slices in it. It looks so inviting when it is decorated with sweet red cherries! And don't forget to bring the Rabbit faced, Monkey faced crunchy almond chocolates for my birthday. The bitter sweet buttery chocolates are just toothsome and so pleasurful! And will you prepare Chikoo Milkshake? We have lots of Chikoos ready to pluck from trees in our garden. I like sweet, tempting Chikoo Milkshake with Vanilla Ice Cream on it, it tastes so pleasent. Please please please arrange all these dishes for my Birthady Party."

     Mother tells her, "Ok! I will do it. But you have to help me. Your twenty friends are coming tommorrow. You will help me while serving them."

     At next day Mini's mother made Chikoo Milkshake and filled it in Jugs and kept it in refrigerator. Ice cream, Cake, Chocolates and large pizzas were brought from the store. As this was children's party Mini's mother decided to use melamine dishes for serving.

     At the start of the party Mini's mother first did Mini's Aukshan by placing Kumkum on her forehead and by moving ghee diya around her face to greet her. Then she brought the cake kept on platter and told Mini to cut it.

     After the cake cutting ceremony Mini's friends were started playing games and Mini started helping her mother. Her mother was cutting large pizzas into pieces and Mini was keeping pizza pieces into dishes. Then she kept Chocolates in each dish and her mother filled the dishes with cake pieces. Then Mini helped her mother in serving the dishes. After serving Mini took her dish and joined her friends. Meanwhile her mother filled Chikoo milkshake and Vanilla Ice cream in glasses, kept them in large tray and served it. All the children were very happy by this favourite menu and it's appearence and so was Mini and her mother.

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Sunday, June 22, 2014

When you crave for it...

     It was exactly 12' o clock and hugry Aalok was searching for the hotels, restaurants in that area just after finishing his client's meet. He had not eaten anything from morning except the cup of tea offered by his client. Suddenly his friend Ashok came in front of him and asked him 'what he was doing there at Sunday afternoon?' and then Ashok asked him to join him for lunch at his home. Ashok was living in that area and he was alone at home at that day. Aalok accepted his invitation willingly and went with him.

     At home Ashok first offered him Neembu Sharbat's glass. That pale yellow coloured cool liquid filled with ice cubes and decorated with green coloured Pudina leaves filled in glass with cool water droplets on it's outer side. Aalok lifted that glass from the tray and started feeling it's coolness upto the bottom of his heart. First he touched that glass to his cheeks, rolled it over and felt refreshed. Then he started sipping that sour-sweet aromatic cool sharabat as he was thirsty of life time. The sips went down making his mouth cool and moist. By sharbat his thirst was quenched but now he was feeling hungry and came a aroma of roasted Jawar-Bajara roti (Bhakari). 

     Ashok was making extra rotis. Then he arranged the meal on dining table, Aalok was helping him. The dining table was decorated with olive green coloured table mats. The Main Menu was Jawar-Bajara Bhakari (roti), Dalimbi Valachi Usal (Hyacinth Bean Usal), Shevechi Aamati (Sev Curry), Plain rice, Simple dal (Tur dal curry) and Kharvas (cooked milk bar). The rotis were kept in serving plate, Rice, Usal and Curries were kept in Casseroles and the Kharvas was kept in a dish. Also Shuddha Ghee, Mango Pickle and Salt were kept in bowls as additions. Dishes and bowls with Glasses were arranged for taking lunch, the Jug was filled with cool water. After this arrangement Ashok kept illuminated Tea Light at the center of the table and said to Aalok, "Let's have lunch! And friend do not hesitate while taking lunch. Take whatever you want. Please start."

     Aalok was ready to take lunch after Ashok served it. The hot, bulged, fluffy Jawar-Bajara roti with Spicy, pungent, piquant, mouth watering, red coloured Sev Curry was just delicious, with each bit of it dissolving in mouth, Aalok's tounge was just craving for more. Then he took bit of Yellow coloured Dalimbi Valachi Usal with roti. Aah! What a provocative mixed taste of it, he was feeling sweetness of coconut and jaggery, sourness of tamarind, aroma of Cumin and garlic with slight bitterness of yummy Val Beans. It was just tempting. In addition to it Mango pickle with roti was making him more craved for food. Then he took steaming white plain rice, added Yellow Tur Dal Curry on it with a spoonful of Shuddha ghee. The slight sweet taste of rice with a aroma of turmeric and asafoetida added without any tadaka in the dal and the buttery taste of ghee all mixed up and gave him hevenly taste to which he was used to from his childhood. He ate that delicious, tasty, pleasing rice dal with craving tongue. Then he took the fluffy, juicy white Kharvas bars which were decorated with Cardamom powder and Saffron. The white Kharvas bars with aroma of cardamom and milky taste with sweetness of jaggery just dissolved in his mouth giving him heavenly pleasure making him aware of his filled stomach. Then he took final sip of water with satisfaction.

     After the lunch Ashok offered him fennel kept in a plate. Aalok told him while helping, "What a lunch! Thanks for such a pleasent experience. When I was craving for it, I got it only because of you. You have taste in your hands." Ashok accepted his thanks and said, "It was not only my hands but all the servingware which gave you the taste and satisfaction. It all made your day!" Thus ended their lunch but both of them are waiting for that experience again.

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