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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The Birthday Party

     Tomorrow littile Mini will turn five years old. She thinks about her birthday plans and tells to her mother, "Mom tomorrow I want Pizza with Cake, Chocolates and Chikoo Milkshake with Ice Cream for my Birthday party. All my friends like to eat yummy Cheezy pizza with the topping of Red Tomatoes, Green Capscicum, Yellow Baby corns and Black Olives. It looks so colourful and delicious! I can't stop eating the tasty mouth watering, finger-licking pizza with hot, sweet and sour sauce and spicy herbs on it. And I want sweet, fluffy, flavourful Pineapple cake with Pineapple slices in it. It looks so inviting when it is decorated with sweet red cherries! And don't forget to bring the Rabbit faced, Monkey faced crunchy almond chocolates for my birthday. The bitter sweet buttery chocolates are just toothsome and so pleasurful! And will you prepare Chikoo Milkshake? We have lots of Chikoos ready to pluck from trees in our garden. I like sweet, tempting Chikoo Milkshake with Vanilla Ice Cream on it, it tastes so pleasent. Please please please arrange all these dishes for my Birthady Party."

     Mother tells her, "Ok! I will do it. But you have to help me. Your twenty friends are coming tommorrow. You will help me while serving them."

     At next day Mini's mother made Chikoo Milkshake and filled it in Jugs and kept it in refrigerator. Ice cream, Cake, Chocolates and large pizzas were brought from the store. As this was children's party Mini's mother decided to use melamine dishes for serving.

     At the start of the party Mini's mother first did Mini's Aukshan by placing Kumkum on her forehead and by moving ghee diya around her face to greet her. Then she brought the cake kept on platter and told Mini to cut it.

     After the cake cutting ceremony Mini's friends were started playing games and Mini started helping her mother. Her mother was cutting large pizzas into pieces and Mini was keeping pizza pieces into dishes. Then she kept Chocolates in each dish and her mother filled the dishes with cake pieces. Then Mini helped her mother in serving the dishes. After serving Mini took her dish and joined her friends. Meanwhile her mother filled Chikoo milkshake and Vanilla Ice cream in glasses, kept them in large tray and served it. All the children were very happy by this favourite menu and it's appearence and so was Mini and her mother.

Note - This post is written as entry for the Indiblogger contest "My Beautiful Food".


  1. This is a good one
    all the best for the contest

    1. Thank you R miglani and wish you the same!