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Sunday, June 22, 2014

When you crave for it...

     It was exactly 12' o clock and hugry Aalok was searching for the hotels, restaurants in that area just after finishing his client's meet. He had not eaten anything from morning except the cup of tea offered by his client. Suddenly his friend Ashok came in front of him and asked him 'what he was doing there at Sunday afternoon?' and then Ashok asked him to join him for lunch at his home. Ashok was living in that area and he was alone at home at that day. Aalok accepted his invitation willingly and went with him.

     At home Ashok first offered him Neembu Sharbat's glass. That pale yellow coloured cool liquid filled with ice cubes and decorated with green coloured Pudina leaves filled in glass with cool water droplets on it's outer side. Aalok lifted that glass from the tray and started feeling it's coolness upto the bottom of his heart. First he touched that glass to his cheeks, rolled it over and felt refreshed. Then he started sipping that sour-sweet aromatic cool sharabat as he was thirsty of life time. The sips went down making his mouth cool and moist. By sharbat his thirst was quenched but now he was feeling hungry and came a aroma of roasted Jawar-Bajara roti (Bhakari). 

     Ashok was making extra rotis. Then he arranged the meal on dining table, Aalok was helping him. The dining table was decorated with olive green coloured table mats. The Main Menu was Jawar-Bajara Bhakari (roti), Dalimbi Valachi Usal (Hyacinth Bean Usal), Shevechi Aamati (Sev Curry), Plain rice, Simple dal (Tur dal curry) and Kharvas (cooked milk bar). The rotis were kept in serving plate, Rice, Usal and Curries were kept in Casseroles and the Kharvas was kept in a dish. Also Shuddha Ghee, Mango Pickle and Salt were kept in bowls as additions. Dishes and bowls with Glasses were arranged for taking lunch, the Jug was filled with cool water. After this arrangement Ashok kept illuminated Tea Light at the center of the table and said to Aalok, "Let's have lunch! And friend do not hesitate while taking lunch. Take whatever you want. Please start."

     Aalok was ready to take lunch after Ashok served it. The hot, bulged, fluffy Jawar-Bajara roti with Spicy, pungent, piquant, mouth watering, red coloured Sev Curry was just delicious, with each bit of it dissolving in mouth, Aalok's tounge was just craving for more. Then he took bit of Yellow coloured Dalimbi Valachi Usal with roti. Aah! What a provocative mixed taste of it, he was feeling sweetness of coconut and jaggery, sourness of tamarind, aroma of Cumin and garlic with slight bitterness of yummy Val Beans. It was just tempting. In addition to it Mango pickle with roti was making him more craved for food. Then he took steaming white plain rice, added Yellow Tur Dal Curry on it with a spoonful of Shuddha ghee. The slight sweet taste of rice with a aroma of turmeric and asafoetida added without any tadaka in the dal and the buttery taste of ghee all mixed up and gave him hevenly taste to which he was used to from his childhood. He ate that delicious, tasty, pleasing rice dal with craving tongue. Then he took the fluffy, juicy white Kharvas bars which were decorated with Cardamom powder and Saffron. The white Kharvas bars with aroma of cardamom and milky taste with sweetness of jaggery just dissolved in his mouth giving him heavenly pleasure making him aware of his filled stomach. Then he took final sip of water with satisfaction.

     After the lunch Ashok offered him fennel kept in a plate. Aalok told him while helping, "What a lunch! Thanks for such a pleasent experience. When I was craving for it, I got it only because of you. You have taste in your hands." Ashok accepted his thanks and said, "It was not only my hands but all the servingware which gave you the taste and satisfaction. It all made your day!" Thus ended their lunch but both of them are waiting for that experience again.

Note - This post is written as entry for the Indiblogger contest "My Beautiful Food".

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