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Friday, August 8, 2014

An Evening Delight!

     It was an unplanned party, given suddenly. There was no planning, no invitations, nothing. That day a packet of eggless Marble Cakes and Nan Khatais was handed to me. Seeing all that I decided to make cold Rose Milk to serve with it. There was cold milk kept in refrigerator, so there was nothing to do much but only I had to take that milk out, add sugar to it and then add the rose concetrate in it. The Rose Milk was ready in minutes. It's my favorite cold drink, especially in summer I used to drink it. It's delightful to take sips of pink coloured cold Rose Milk having fragrance of Rose with crushed Rose Petals in it.

     The cold Rose Milk was ready to serve in plain glasses, garnished with Rose Petals and Silver sugar balls (Dragees) on it.

     The glasses were became dewy due to the cold milk.

     And the Silver sugar balls (Dragees) were looking like tiny shining pearls on red petals of Rose.

     The total combination was very pleasent. The sweet scent of Rose with bright light shining on that Rose Milk was the feast to our eyes.

     In addition to the cold Rose Milk the eggless Marble Cake having flavours of Vanilla and Strawberry was ready to serve in a dish.

     For those who like to eat the cake slices with fruit jam, the cake slices were smeared with mixed fruit jam and the Silver sugar balls (Dragees) spread on it.

     Even without any decoration, the colours of cake were looking so attractive that in very less time only some pieces of Marble cake were left and the glasses of cold Rose Milk became empty. But no worry. The empty glasses were washed and filled again with cold Rose Milk and for the cake lovers, another Marble cake having Vanilla and Chocolate flavours was served in deep rectangular dish. That off-white and chocolate coloured combination was so tempting! 

     Now the earlier cake pieces having flavours of Vanilla and Strawberry were kept in casserole lid for those who hadn't tasted it yet.

     With milk and cakes there were Nan Khatais (The Indian Cookies) kept in baby gourmet bowl, ready to eat. The Nan Khatais having different shapes were not only colourful but were garnished nicely with different things on it with beautiful impressions.

     Thus the dishes were not only tasty and delightful but colourful also and I am now eagerly waiting for next such occasion.

Note - This post is written as an entry for the contest "My Beautiful Food - Round 2" on Indiblogger.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

My favorite Dishes

     I was just relaxed after some work on that evening and now it was time to cook something for dinner. There were some Puris remained after the lunch and the Kantola Sabzi (Karatula Bhaji) was remained in a small bowl. So I decided to cook my favorite dishes. After cooking I served it on table.

     The Kadhi made using sweet-sour buttermilk (tak) having flavour of asafoetida, cumin with littile pinch of turmeric, green chillies, curry leaves and coriander was served in a casserole.

     The nutritious, moist Khichadi made of rice and moong dal was served and garnished with coconut shreads and coriander.

     How can a dish of Khichadi will become complete without any pickle?

     So the sour and spicy Mango Pickle was ready giving mouth watering feeling to tongue.

     Kadhi, Khichadi, Mango Pickle all this combination completes with Papad.

     So the Alu papad (Batata papad) were ready to serve with Puris and nutritious Kantola Sabzi (Karatula Bhaji) embellishing each other in the dish.

     Also the Fruit Salad was kept in bowl to add more taste.

     Cool water from earthen mataka was filled in glasses to quench the thirst.

     Thus all my favorite dishes were ready on the table to make my dinner memorable!

Note - This post is written as an entry for the contest "My Beautiful Food - Round 2" on Indiblogger.

Friday, August 1, 2014

The Simple Regular Maharastrian Meal

     When I received the mega-hamper of Glassware, I was eager to use it. Finally one day I decided to use it for the dinner.

     While cooking, my brother called me on my phone and told me that he will come late at night at the time of dinner. So after cooking I made Strawberry Sharbat for him and started arranging the dishes on table for dinner. The menu was that of a simple, regular Maharastrian meal.

     The Plain Dal (Sadha varan) made without any tadaka, having flavour of turmeric and asafoetida was filled in casserole and garnished with coconut shreads and coriander.

     The aromatic plain rice (Bhaat) was kept in bowl, embellished with pieces of tomato, carrot and coriander.

     And the favourite of all, yummy Alu Sabzi (Batatyachi Bhaji) was ready in the dish with coconut shreads and coriander spread on it.

     The Rotis (Ghadichi Poli) which are slightly thick compared to phulaka, were lightly brushed with drops of oil and arranged in the dish in folded manner.

     In addition to that Amba pak (modified version of Sakhar amba made using raw mangoes) was filled in bowl.

     The other bowl was filled with ready-made Bakarvadis and kept on table as my brother likes to eat something light as refreshment before dinner.

     And finally the glasses were filled with strawberry sharbat garnished with mint leaves, ready for drinking and came my brother.

     Thus all menu was ready on the table and we all took our dinner together. It was one of the rare days when all our family sits and dine together.

Note - This post is written as an entry for the contest "My Beautiful Food - Round 2" on Indiblogger.