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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Fruity Sevai Kheer

Fruity Sevai Kheer

Ingredients -
Sevai (i.e. wheat vermicelli) - 1 Cup (Cup of size 200 ml.)

Milk - 4 Cups (i.e. total 800 ml.)
Black Dates - 5

Readymade Mango Pulp (evaporated and thickened) - 5 teaspoons - approximately 25 g

Ghee - 1 Tablespoon to saute Sevai and 1/4th Teaspoon to saute Black Dates
Sugarfree Natura - 45 g (i.e. total 90 level spoons - by the spoon given in the bottle of Sugarfree Natura)

Almonds and Cashews - 4 to 5 - for garnishing

Method -
  • Remove the seeds in the Black Dates fruits.
  • Add 1/4th teaspoon Ghee in a pan and turn the flame on, saute the 5 Black Dates in the ghee and then put it in the dish for cooling.

  • After cooling of Black Dates crush it well and keep it aside.
  • Add 1 Tablespoon Ghee in pan and turn the flame on.
  • Pour the 1 cup of Sevai (i.e. Wheat Vermicelli) in Ghee and saute it.

  • Then add 3 cups of milk in the sevai, stir it with spoon and boil it well. Then turn off the flame.

  • Now add first the crushed Black dates (approx. 25 g) in the pan and mix it well with the spoon.
  • Then add 5 teaspoon Mango Pulp (evaporated and thickened) which is approx. 25 g. Mix it well with the spoon.
  • Then add 45 g Sugarfree Natura in it and mix it well.

  • Then add remaining 1 cup milk in the pan and turn the flame on to just make the kheer hot. Mix it well and immediately turn the flame off.
  • Garnish the Kheer with Cashews and Almonds. Now it is ready to serve.
  • Serve the kheer in Bowls. 

     Delicious! Isn't it?

Note - This post is written as an entry for contest 'Sugar Free Dessert Challenge'.

Note - Before eating or using any packed food, reading all the information on that pack of food and taking information about it’s ingredients and the effects of those ingredients on health is suggested. Also close observation of any packed food before further use is suggested.

Friday, November 27, 2015

It is my zest

     It is the zest of my life to drive a car in city like Mumbai. Yes you have heard it right, Mumbai! The city of Mumbai – the combination of good and bad! Mumbai is characterized by excellent highways as well as many short roads both sometimes full of traffic, sometimes free of traffic, the roads are sometimes in well condition giving experience of good driving, but sometimes the patchy roads are in repairing conditions giving you worst experience while driving! But one thing is sure, driving in Mumbai is quite well disciplined when compared to the driving in other cities in Maharashtra.

     In Mumbai there are three well designed major roads which connects different parts of the city like Eastern express highway from Sion to Thane, The Sion Panvel expressway and the Western express highway from Bandra to Dahisar. Apart from that there is Bandra Worli sea link which adds in the beauty of the city. Thus Mumbai is well connected by intricate roads. Not only this but Mumbai is also well connected to other different cities like Nashik, Dhule, Indore, Agra, Pune, Bangalore, Chennai, Surat, Vadodara, Ahmedabad, Udaipur, Jaipur, Gurgaon, Panvel, Pen, Chiplun, Panaji, Mangalore, Edappally (Kochi), Kalyan, Murbad, Ahmednagar, Parbhani, Nanded etc. Thus it is always a great experience to drive in Mumbai city or to drive from Mumbai to other cities i.e. the west zone of the country.

     Thus for a memorable driving experience in Mumbai I would like to select a car like stunning zest having bold and sculpted look with futuristic styling. It’s projector headlamps with LED light guide rings and LED Daytime Running Lights (DRLs) not only adds style, but also stand out in a crowd. The eye-catching LED tail lamps with a wraparound look emitting a unique, homogeneous and unbroken effect gives reason to others for envy. And the TATA signature design gives the Zest a fresh and energetic look. Not only this, but the sturdy and chiselled, sporty 15-inch alloy wheels which are supremely strong yet light-weight, makes the drive powerful and ensures better heat dissipation on road. The premium dual-tone interiors in Java Black and Latte shades gives stylish, sleek, refreshing and modern feel. Thus with such a well designed vehicle having advanced safety features and touch based connectivity, driving in city of Mumbai will be of great pleasure.

     With it’s multi drive modes like sport mode, eco mode and city mode this vehicle is capable of driving in traffic, on patchy roads as well as excellent smooth, traffic free roads with it’s revotron engine. It’s Electric Powered Assisted Steering is not only easy to use at lower speeds in city traffic, but at higher speeds it firms up for better control stability on the highway. It’s active return function instantly gets the steering back to its original position after manoeuvring a tight turn. Due to it’s flat torque curve there is no need of shifting gears frequently while driving in city traffic and it’s easy to drop speed or accelerate without changing gears.

     This vehicle offers great connectivity features and entertainment with HARMANTM ConnectNext touchscreen infotainment system. It offers fully automatic AC controls, sms notification, Bluetooth connectivity for ten users, and USB, SD card and iPod connectivity for connecting multiple devices, surround sound speakers and speed dependent volume control. Also it’s Driver Information System displays various parameters to keep you informed about various details of the vehicle and the drive.

     Thus with all above mentioned features of zest and using it’s connectivity, driving in city of Mumbai gives a great experience all in terms of Drive, Design and Connect.

Note – This post is written as an entry for topic “The #madeofgreat Zonal War”.

Friday, October 23, 2015

Some More Please

     When I came home I saw the door locked with a big lock. I took my key and opened the door. 'Now all will come one by one in some time and ask for something to eat. It's snack time.' I thought. But I was too tired to do something complicated with it's time consuming recipe.

     Till that time came in all others one by one and asked me in tired mood, 'What's there for eating?'

     I answered, "I will prepare something in just few minutes." I looked in the fridge, put out the packet of mashed potato's snacks having shape of smiles.

     I added oil in a pan and kept that pan on flame. Then I took mashed Potato's smile shaped snacks one by one and deep fried it till it turned to golden colour.

     Then I took some other ingredients for making canapes.

     Let's see the recipe of canape.

     Ingredients -
  • Deep fried golden coloured smile shapes
  • Metkut Raita - (Metkut Powder is a common traditional Maharashtrian taste enhancer which is easily available in grocery shops) - The Metkut Raita is made by mixing Metkut powder, curd, some red chilli powder for taste and some salt for taste which was having consistency like that of a paste.

  • Sprouted Mung Seeds (Moong seeds)
  • Tomato pieces

     That's all! Now see the steps for the easy recipe -

  • I took the deep fried golden coloured potato smile shapes in a dish.

  • Then I spread Metkut Raita on each smile shape.

  • Then I added Sprouted Mung seeds on Metkut Raita spread. (The Sprouted Mung seeds without anything added to it.)

  • Then I decorated it with piece of Tomato on each piece.

     What a colourful dish it was! Not only colourful, but also healthy dish! The dish was ready within minutes. When I served the dishes, the eagerly waiting faces of my family brightened immediately. When they ate the canapes, they smiled saying, "Delicious! Some more please!"

     And I smiled too by seeing their smiling faces.

Note - This post is written as an entry for contest - "Let’s Put A Smile On That Face"  

Note - The opinions in this blog post may differ from the blog author’s personal opinions because this post is specifically written for the contest. Before eating or using any packed food, reading all the information on that pack of food and taking information about it’s ingredients and the effects of those ingredients on health is suggested. Also close observation of any packed food before further use is suggested.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Real Togetherness

     I live in a city which is considered as smart city in developing India. The people living in this smart city are trying to keep pace with new development and for that they use smart phones and other digital facilities. Using smart phones, tablets, computers and taking benefit of digital world is not bad until a certain limit, but when people get addicted to it, it becomes reason of worry. It is not good to see people who always stick to their smart phones for keeping contact with distant people, but while doing that they simply ignore real people in front of them. Unfortunately many people are so addicted to virtual world that they have lost the real communication in real world. It is not much surprising that even people in same family communicate with each other with their smart phones sitting in different rooms of the same house. So there is strong need of breaking these shackles of the digital world. It is necessary for people to connect with other persons in person, by feeling and sharing real emotions in the real world with them.

     'When we will break free from the clutches of our smart phones and build meaningful relationships with our kith and kin in the real world, that will be the 'Real Togetherness' for us,' that is what I meant when I use these words 'Real Togetherness'. And I feel that it is the nature which helps us to do something together for building our relationships for 'Real Togetherness' in many ways. It might be a simple nature trail or a event like planting plants, seeds or a trek on some hill or a visit to the jungle or a trip to the green hill in rainy season or some other event related to nature which brings the people together.

     When we go close to the nature with some activities related to it, nature gives us experience of some differences, some work together, some fights, some giggles, some help offered to others, some cries, some smiles and finally enjoyment of our work done together with our kith and kin and it is the “Real Togetherness” for me.

     I participate in activities related to nature with my family, friends and relatives and it really helps us bring together. In rainy season we try to participate in planting event and it is a fun while doing work in soil. Also every year our family and relatives went to the ‘Hurada Party’ which is kept on the occasion of cutting of “Jawar” grains (i.e. hurada) on one of my friend’s farm. Roasting the seeds of Jawar and eating it with curd, chutney with a group of people and drinking juice of sugarcane with it, is such a fun that one must experience it really! Also in our society we take flower arrangement shows and competition for best plants grown in pots on our terraces. I remember a seven year old kid asking question about how roots of plants hold the soil and when I answered him with practical while planting a plant in big pot, that kid saw how roots hold the lumps of soil and got the real answer in real world, which was a thrilling experience for him. Thus nature helps us to do something together for 'Real Togetherness' in many ways. Go to nature!

Note – This post is written as an entry for campaign “What does Real Togetherness mean to you?”

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Let’s Put A Smile On That Face

     A gloomy child in home becomes a reason of worry in home. I have experienced it myself many times. Now it's a routine that my seven-year-old nephew Arnav and my five-year-old niece Prachiti behave in a sulky manner when their mother leaves them with us while going to her office tour for eight to ten days. Though we all try to keep these kids happy, they do not like to part from their mother for so many days. This time also there was no difference. Prachiti was asking me, "Why mother goes away for so many days?"

     I tried to change subject, "It's her work and she can't stop that. But have you seen the crayons that your grandfather brought for you and Arnav? Now you can paint your picture with more shades of colours. Let us see who completes the new picture first. You paint your picture and I will make some dish for you. What do you want to eat?"

     "We want to eat the snacks from that new packet which Mom has brought for us and kept in the freezer." said Arnav. Prachiti agreed immediately.

     "Okay." I said and saw that packet. It was packet of McCain Smiles. So I had to do nothing much but to just deep fry those snacks. So I took the pan, put oil in it and kept that pan on flame and added the snacks one by one in oil to deep fry it, till it turn to golden colour. The mashed Potato's snacks having shape of smiles were deep fried soon and were ready in dishes in next few minutes.

     I kept those smiles in front of gloomy looking Prachiti and Arnav and told them, "These are the smiles ready for you. Now let us decorate it."

     "I like the sweet taste. Let's decorate it with Coconut, Raisins and Shrikhand Goli." said Prachiti with sudden enthusiasm.

     "I will add Strawberry jam having Strawberry pieces on those smiles for more decoration." said Arnav showing more enthusiasm.

     "Good idea! It will taste different than it's regular salty, slightly spicy taste. Let me give you those things, so that you can do the decoration according to your wish!" I told them and gave them all those things.

     Ingredients - 
  • Deep fried golden coloured smiles
  • Chips of Fresh Coconut  
  • Fresh Grated Coconut
  • Raisins
  • Black Raisins
  • Strawberry jam having large pieces of Strawberry
  • Shrikhand Goli (The famous candy in Maharashtra having sweet and sour taste like that of Shrikhand.)

     And the sweet toothed kids started to decorate their Potato smiles with smile on their own faces. Their grandparents also joined them and helped them decorating the smiles and arranging them in dishes. Let's see, first the golden coloured smiles arranged in a dish.

     Prachiti used Fresh Grated Coconut as a spread on smiles and then added a Shrikhand Goli on it and Black Raisin and Raisins for decoration.

     As Arnav was more enthusiastic he used Strawberry Jam with large piece of Strawberry and Fresh Grated Coconut and a Chip of Fresh Coconut as spread on each smile and decorated it with two Shrikhand Golis and a Black Raisin and a Rasin to give it a contrasting appearance.

     Then for all of us we arranged those smiles in dishes and enjoyed it's fruity spicy taste.

     One thing was sure that while doing all that decoration the kids forgot all their sorrow in just few minutes and smiled with cheerful faces. That was a really precious smile for us!

Note - This post is written as an entry for Contest - "Let’s Put A Smile On That Face" 

Note - The opinions in this blog post may differ from the blog author’s personal opinions because this post is specifically written for the contest. Before eating or using any packed food, reading all the information on that pack of food and taking information about it’s ingredients and the effects of those ingredients on health is suggested. Also close observation of any packed food before further use is suggested.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

The Deep Desire in My Mind To Get It Immediately!

     Now there is a deep desire in my mind to get the new “LG NEXUS 5X” immediately. Do you know why? This phone is loaded with new features and by seeing those features anyone will crave for it. Now you must be eager to know about it’s features so read it.

  • What I liked is it’s light weight, so it can be carried anywhere anytime. It’s very important for me. It’s 5.2 inch display having Corning® Gorilla® Glass 3, that means no more scratches. This device having Android 6.0 Marshmallow operating system pleases the mind by it’s world class speed with the help of the hexa-core Snapdragon 808 processor. Having new standerd USB Type-C charger, it is such a sleek, lightweight phone which is available in different colours! The choice is yours! Smart and fashionable! Easy to carry!

  • What I liked next is it’s powerful faster camera application having lens with f/2.0 aperture which lets more light in and captures sharp images with stunning detail. Even in low-light conditions, its larger 1.55μm pixels capture more light to give sharp detailed images in dimmest conditions. Not only this, the camera shoots videos at 4k resolution to give crisp and high-definition videos. Ah! This is what I was searching for! Now I will not lose a moment while shooting.

  • What I liked most is it’s simplified security – “Nexus Imprint”. The device is having a fingerprint sensor named ‘Nexus Imprint’ which makes it more secure. This fingerprint sensor is placed on the backside of the phone which complements the way one naturally holds the phone. Thus Nexus Imprint turns on the mobile’s screen with just one touch and unlocks the applications quickly, easily and let one breeze through checkout lines. Also by incorporating measurements each time one uses the device, Nexus Imprints gets smarter with every touch. Now no fear of use of phone by other persons. Really a smartphone, isn’t it?

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Note - The opinions in this blog post may differ from the blog author’s personal opinions because this post is specifically written for the #ChampIsBack activity.

Note – Smartphone overuse can lead you to addiction! It is suggested to use the smartphone with responsibility.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Easy Transfer - Easy watching

     It is an everyday scenario in many homes that one person takes hold of T. V.'s remote control, plays his / her favorite channel and other people in the family waiting impatiently for getting the chance to take hold of that remote control to play their favorite channels. Sometimes even they fight for it. Thus many people can't watch their favorite programs even when they are in the home. :(

     Even if they get the chance to watch their favorite program, sometimes they have other work, or they have to go out, so they simply record their favorite programs, but alas! They can't watch that recording in their free time, because other people in the family take hold of the remote control to watch their regular favorite programs and every person's choice is different. Again new fight. :) And the victory of the dominant person in the family! :) And the one who wants to watch the recording again waiting impatiently. :( In such conditions some troubled persons take their T. V. Sanyas, :) but they are having a fiery desire to watch their favorite programs, deep in their mind. :) Now what to do? But now no problem, there is answer for your question. :)

     Yes! The answer is simple and easy. What you need is your "T S T Set-Top box", home wi-fi and your smart mobile or ipad - just these things and you can watch your favorite programs any time, anywhere without using any internet connection. :) This is so easy that people like me do not worry while going home late at night. Let me tell you that I watch my favorite programs related to lifestyle, sports like tennis matches, football matches etc., some political discussion programs, cookery shows, some good regional movies in different languages, some shows related to history and sometimes some serials on their interesting mode etc. anytime when I am free. Do you want to see your favorite programs when you are free? But don't know how?

     Here is answer to all your questions. :) You can do it in just few steps! :) 
  • Connect your mobile and T S T Set-Top Box with your home wi-fi. :)
  • Download the T S Mobile App and sign in with your subsciber ID. (Don't worry, it is available on Google play as well as on Apple's App store.) :)
  • Activate the transfer pack on your mobile. :)
  • Now transfer your recorded shows to your Mobile. :)
  • Now open the Transfer section in your mobile app and you are free to enjoy your favorite shows anytime, anywhere, at your ease. :)
     Thus stream your content instantly and watch it relentlessly. (No more fighting for remote control! :) It is in your hand!) Also you can take your enjoyment with you  in your pocket and watch it anywhere, anytime without using any internet connection. :)

     I know now you must be eager to watch your favorite programs! 

Note - This post is written as an entry for contest -  #TATASkyTransfer 

Thursday, August 20, 2015

My Second home as my dream home

     I have used my ideas to decorate my home where I am living now, but now I want to decorate the second home – “Second Home of my family.” I want to decorate it according to my ideas so it will become my dream home. There is one good thing about this second home that, now there is no furniture or any other things kept in this home. So I have many options available for the interior decoration of this home. I am sure I will transform it into a beautiful, warm, comfortable abode.

     This second home is having large windows, so the rooms are having enough light. I will use bright coloured wall paint on one or two walls of the living room and remaining walls will be having paint of contrast colour. I would like to use colour like coral or canary yellow or magenta etc as one shade in the contrast in the living room. The curtains will match the colour theme. Also I would like to use the wall sticker in the rooms to give a cheerful effect.

     I would like to add wooden effect to the furniture in the living room. The seating arrangement with soft seats and decorative cushions will give us much comfort. Also the dining room and living room are having no separation wall, I would like to add a dining table with wooden effect and having the top of glass. In the living room I would like to add small chandeliers with the top of the room decorated with POP design. This design will not be too showy or too simple. Also I would like to add one or two artificial plant’s containers in this room to add in the beauty. (And I will keep real plants in decorative containers in the terraces.)

     The kitchen will be having all modern appliances and it will be furnished according to working need. But I would like to add a shelf made of metal frame on one side of sink, so the just washed pots will be kept there for drying completely. Also I would like to add cabinets in the kitchen which are easy to move. The colour of the kitchen’s walls and cabinets will give cool visual effect like that of turquoise colour .

     One of the bedrooms will be used as study room plus relaxation room plus room for other activities. So in this room there will be computer table with study table with a book shelf and on one side there will be a bed come sofa. In this room I would like to add a comfortable seating near the terrace just to relax and enjoy reading. The lighting arrangement in this room will be made in a way suitable to the complete the needs. In this room I would like use colour shades of olive colour and the curtains matching to that.

     Remaining rooms will be used as bedrooms. The bedrooms will be coloured with colours giving soft visual effect. In bedroom there will be showy beds, decorative curtains, attractive night lamps, small dressing table and wardrobes. The wardrobe doors will be having design on them, just like the wall stickers or I would like to paint it with some painting. Here I would like to use milky colours.

     Thus I will transform the second home of my family into my dream home.

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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

My Dream Home!

     I am a person who likes to travel and see heavenly places in the world, but finally it’s my home which attracts me more than any other place in the world. So I have a concept of dream home in my mind. I would like to have my dream home situated at the place from where I can easily see beauty of nature, but at the same time it must not be situated very away from city. Thus the view of ‘birds sitting on and flying around the green trees and climbers grown on grassy patches with blooms of flowers,’ will give me pleasure while watching through the windows at the morning time. But it is not possible to change the outside view of my home where I am living now. So I have different ideas in my mind about the interior of my latest home and I want to transform it in such a way that it will reflect different aspects of my personality.

     For that I would like to change the colour of my latest home. I would like to paint the walls in faint shades of colour with vibrant but slightly dark coloured borders giving rooms a spacious but cozy feel. The curtains matching the theme of wall paint will add in the beauty, giving me the cheerful feeling. I would like to use the beautiful lamps which will provide sufficient but different amount of light according to different activities, thus helping in saving energy.

     I would like to decorate the walls of rooms with some frames of craftwork, showing my interest in craftwork, along with some beautiful paintings. Also I would like to add a showcase in my living room where I can keep some eye catching showpieces. Reading is my hobby, so there must be a large bookshelf in my home. The plants grown in decorative pots will be kept in gallery, which will help me in partially completing my dream to live with beauty of nature. Also there will be a special space kept and designed for the “DevGhar” for the persons in my family who likes to spend some time in the day for their devotion of God.

     For my living room I would like to arrange the easily movable furniture which can be easily cleaned. Sitting on comfortable, soft seat of sofa and watching TV while taking sips of tea at evening time, after tiresome work of the whole day will give me relaxing feeling. But sometimes I will prefer to sit comfortably and read papers or I will prefer to chat with my family members instead of watching TV, as I like to spend some time with my family. Also I am a person who likes to celebrate some events with my extended family and friends, so I would like to select the furniture which is easily rearrangeble in an uncluttered way to give enough space to the crowd of guests. I would prefer such a seating arrangement in my living room which can be easily converted into sleeping arrangement, so that some guests will be easily accommodate there at night.

     The dining table will be used for dining and at other times it will be also used for other activities like using laptop, writing, for doing craftwork, for doing some work related to kitchen etc. The kitchen would be transformed in such a way, that it will feel spacious and will give enough space to move easily while cooking even if there are two or three persons working in the kitchen. There will be a window with sliding door in one wall of kitchen through which person inside the kitchen will be able to watch TV in the living room or able to pass multiple things in the living room easily. The kitchen will be a modular kitchen which will be easy to clean. As I like to use new technology, it will be equipped with all necessary kitchen appliances and a chimney on the top of cooking top.

     The bedrooms will be having mind soothing, serene colour on walls and curtains matching to that theme. It will complete the need of having one’s own space. There will be big wardrobes in the rooms designed according to need of my family members. The comfortable beds will be having storage area beneath them, so that maximum space will be used. There will be a dressing table in each bedroom kept along the side of the bed. Also there will be enough space to either keep a folding table or table of computer or a study table with one or two chairs or just a TV table according to different needs of different persons.

     Thus I would like to transform my home to complete my idea of my dream home which will reflect different aspects of my personality.

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Friday, July 24, 2015


     Recently I had gone in a book store. I was searching for children's books in English written on specific subjects related to Indian culture. I was not sure about getting those books, before visiting that store. But when I entered that store and saw large number of children's books with variety of subjects, I was satisfied. I was completely satisfied when I saw the books written on those specific subjects which I was searching. Those books were published by many publishers and were also available in varieties for different age groups of children.

     The book for very small age group was having only one story with large coloured pictures on entire page with big font. The other book for age group older than that was having collection of some stories with large coloured pictures on half part of each page with slightly small font. The other book for age group older than that was having collection of many stories in smaller font with pictures in black ink on some pages only, giving more importance to text. And all those books were having good quality of paper with attractive hard cover page full of pictures creating curiosity in child's mind. Thus I got all those books which I was searching for children of different age group.

     After selecting those books when I saw other books for elders, I was surprised to see the variety. It was a pleasant experience. I had visited that store for the first time on that day, though I had heard about it many times before that visit. Now next time I will surely visit that book store to purchase the books.   

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

My Smart Phone

     Now a days smart phone is essential, but it is difficult to get a satisfactory smart phone. Sometimes the smart phone is having many inbuilt applications, but it’s RAM is less, sometimes the camera of smart phone is of not good quality, sometimes the smart phone’s battery takes too much time for charging. Thus many times there are some reasons which makes us unhappy about our smart phone experience. I have seen very few people who were happy about their smart phone experience and it’s my dream to be in the list of those happy people! Now it seems that my dream will complete soon as there is a new smart phone arriving in the market.

     Yes, there is a new smart phone arrived in market and it’s features are really very impressive. It is none other than the “ASUS Zenfone 2” and I feel it could redefine my smartphone experience because of following reasons -

Reason One – ASUS ZenFone 2 is having a stunning, all-new Ultra-Thin Ergonomic Arc Design with vivid 5.5-inch Full HD IPS display which gives seventy two percent screen-to-body ratio for a maximized viewing experience. It will be great to see everything bigger on screen with such a beautifully designed device!

Reason Two -This phone is having Dual SIM capacity with Dual Active technology and it is very easy to receive calls on both SIM cards by switching them immediately. With it I will never miss a call! 

Reason Three - Do you know that this is the world’s first smartphone with 4 GB RAM with it’s powerful processor, so it will give fast and smooth performance for my web surfing, gaming and other multi-tasking? Yes I wanted something like that!

Reason Four – It is having ASUS BoostMaster Technology which charges the phone at double speed, so that the battery is juiced up to sixty percent in no more than thirty nine minutes. The conclusion is, this device charges much faster than traditional speed of other devices and I will prefer it! I don’t want to spend most of my time in just charging of smart phone, so it will be best for me!

Reason Five – This smartphone is having the PixelMaster rear camera with the capacity of 13MP and f/2.0-aperture lens which captures stunning, high-resolution photos with zero shutter lag. What a speed of this camera! Also it’s industry-leading Low Light mode employs pixel-merging technology to capture up to four hundred percent brighter photos at night, or in low-light scenes, without the need for a flash. So it will be useful for night photography. Also it is having front camera with 5 MP capacity. So it will be feast for a person like me who likes photography!

     So I think ZenFone 2 provides a wealth of exciting new features and it is like a new level of empowering luxury to everyone.

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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

New Home

     I am a person who likes to live a stable life. When I was studying in college I never thought that my life will change someday. But at the start of my career when I was changing jobs, I got a good job offer which brought a new change in my life. Actually I liked that job offer, the salary was more, the company was offering me a home in the premises of company, but there was a problem that the company was sixty kilometers away from the main city and I was used to live the city life. I thought for some time and finally accepted that job offer. Thus I was ready to start my new life.

     My company was situated in the area named as ‘Radhanagari’ which was a rural area. There were very few buses available on the route of Radhanagari. One day before the start of my new job, I went into the company and saw my new home. It was very spacious compared to my home in city, also there was garden around that home. There was a small jogging track around the row of houses. I was pleased to see my new house.

     One day I packed my belongings and some other useful stuff from my old home in the city and moved it in my new home at Radhanagari. That time there were my two sisters with me for my help who wanted to live in my new home with me in their summer vacation. It was a fun for the three of us to unpack the things and arrange them in the home. That day we ordered the food from company’s canteen. Our neighbours were also helpful and they brought some dishes for us. The food was very delicious.

     At night cool breeze was coming from the window. It was a rural area, that’s why there were no big street lights. In the absence of big street lights we were watching the sky filled with stars and shiny moon from our window. It was very pleasant experience. There were mosquitoes outside our home, but there were the mosquito nets fitted to the windows, so it was not a big problem.

     On the next morning we all woke up early. As the tap water was available only on morning, we filled that water. Luckily the water was coming with it’s full force. Then we cooked our food using induction cook-top as there was no LPG connection in that new home. Then I went into the company. My new job was quite challenging and satisfactory. At evening when I returned to home, I went out with my sisters to find the nearby vegetable market.

     Thus I was adapting the new lifestyle slowly. In city I was used to live a different lifestyle, where all shops and markets were near my home. There was availability of water for twenty four hours in my old home. There was availability of vehicles after every two minutes, so most of the times I was avoiding walking on the street. But now in my new home I was becoming used to water coming at specific timing and it was a good lesson of work management for me. From my new home I had to take a long walk to go to nearby vegetable market, but by doing that was good for my health. Thus doing all this was a pleasant experience for me which changed my life positively.

Start A New Life – it will bring a positive change in you!

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Thursday, March 5, 2015

The Hope

     I will never forget that day, when I had got a new job just after completion of my studies. It was a long and tiresome day. That whole day I was guiding my assistants about our new project and for that I was literally running in my office from one place to another to get that work done. I had not even taken my lunch at the lunchtime due to work and by the time of evening my legs were started aching badly. At that same time my boss Sheela came towards me and told me, “Now Ratna will take charge of your work. You come with me. I have just received a message that my father is admitted in the hospital. I will need your help.”

     I went with Sheela and helped her in the hospital. Though her father’s condition was not very serious, the treatment was quite expensive. After some time Sheela said to me, “I am very worried, do you know why? I am not only your boss but also owner of the business. I am responsible for all the decisions taken in the office. Tomorrow morning I have to go to Pune with the results of our new project. Unfortunately I can’t handover my work to someone else. If I will not go there, we will loose our client.”

     “Don’t worry, I am here. I will take care of your father. You can go to Pune.” I assured her.

     Then Sheela gave me a small purse and said, “Here is cash in this purse. You may need it for my father’s treatment. I have taken this cash from our office. There are twenty five thousand rupees in this purse, use it for medicines and treatment.” I took that small purse and put it in my tote bag. By that time Sheela’s younger brother came and told us to go home. I assured him, that next morning I will be there in the hospital.

     Then both of us, Sheela and me came out of the hospital. There was a vegetable market near hospital. I purchased some vegetables, put it in other bag and then both of us sat in the auto-rikshaw. As Sheela’s home was near, the auto-rikshaw driver took the vehicle there and Sheela got down near her home. Then I told that driver to take that auto-rikshaw near my home, but as there was some road construction work going on I got down at some distance from my home.

     I started walking towards my home and after some minutes, it came in my mind, that there was only one bag in my hand. I had forgotten my tote bag in that auto-rikshaw and there was that small purse of money which Sheela had given me. I turned back to search that auto-rikshaw, but it was gone. I had not seen it’s number. I felt like whole world was turning around me. It was a big shock for me. At that time twenty five thousand rupees was a big amount for me, it was much more than my salary. ‘How I will return this money to Sheela? What I will tell her?’ the questions were dancing in my mind. Suddenly I felt so low that I thought, ‘Now I will loose my job and it will be a blemish on my future.’

     In those depressing thoughts I came to my home and my nephew came in front of me with a innocent smile. That three year old said to me, “Aunt, you look so tired! I will bring water for you, drink it and you will feel fresh. Don’t worry!” With that warmth in his words I felt so better that tears came in my eyes. With his delicate hands he wiped my tears and his action gave me new hope. I hold him close and the door bell ranged. I was surprised to see the auto-rikshaw driver in the door. There was that tote bag in his hands.

     “Madam, you had forgotten your bag in my auto-rikshaw. When I noticed it, I searched in it and luckily there was your identity card with your address on it. Take your bag and see whether all it’s contents are safe or not.” He said to me giving that bag in my hands. I took that bag and saw that all the contents in that bag were safe. I thanked him and offered him some money for his honesty but he politely refused that and left. But that incidence filled me with optimism and hope for future. I will tell you the same thing that never give up, the world is full of positivity and hope.

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Saturday, January 24, 2015

I Prefer Them Both!

     When I was asked to choose between The Sleek and Powerful ASUS EeeBook X205TA and the Ultra-Portable and Perpetually connected ASUS All In One PC ET2040 my answer was I will choose them both as my lifestyle demand them both. Yes, I need one laptop so that I can work on it while I am travelling and I also need one desktop as my family computer. The reason behind this choice was features of these gadgets.

     As the laptop I liked  ASUS EeeBook X205TA because it is compact and light in weight. It is having 11.6 inch screen and it is weighing less that 1 Kg. I can carry it easily. Also it is having Windows 8.1 Operating System. It comes with a 2-cell battery that is equipped to provide up to 12 hours of battery life according to their claim on website, so I am sure my work will not interrupted due to battery.

     What is more in this laptop ASUS EeeBook X205TA?  Microsoft Office 365 is included in it, so the gadget is having 1 year subscription to full versions of Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, Powerpoint, Access, Publisher and OneNote, along with 1 TB of online cloud storage. It gives you option of easy 500 GB web storage. The free storage is valid up to 2 years. Also note that it’s processor is a 1.33 GHz Intel Atom quad-core processor with Intel Burst Technology up to 1.83 GHz which can handle my everyday computing. The 2 GB DDR3 system memory facilitates smoother performance, helping in multitasking and I will be able to do many things like watching movie, writing message in between, doing my work and preparing a presentation in between with smooth performance. Also it produces lesser noise which is helpful while working with it’s complete connectivity in quiet places.

     The ASUS EeeBook X205TA is having 36% large, highly sensitive touchpad and with it’s durable keyboard it gives experience of comfortable typing. By seeing all these features, I can say that, ASUS EeeBook X205TA will be a good laptop for me.

     For my family ASUS All In One PC ET2040 will be a great choice because of it’s Slim and space-saving design. This 19.5-inch All-in-One PC having built-in backup power which prevents data loss up to one hour. Also it is having innovative hands-free gesture Recognition Software (HGRS) with the help of which I can control the multimedia players, browse the internet, zoom and rotate photos — all from a distance up to five meters away the computer, without ever touching a screen, keyboard or mouse. This is really a great feature! Not only this, this computer is Incredibly fast and responsive which will make my everyday tasks easier and faster. This computer gives a complete connectivity with it’s Ultra-fast USB 3.0 ports which will help in smart charging and the most important thing is this USB 3.0 is fully compatible with all the existing USB 2.0 devices! Also using this computer’s ET2040's built-in HDMI-out port, I can connect it to a second display and enjoy a bigger picture. By seeing all these features, I can say that ASUS All In One PC ET2040 will be a good desktop for me.

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