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Thursday, March 5, 2015

The Hope

     I will never forget that day, when I had got a new job just after completion of my studies. It was a long and tiresome day. That whole day I was guiding my assistants about our new project and for that I was literally running in my office from one place to another to get that work done. I had not even taken my lunch at the lunchtime due to work and by the time of evening my legs were started aching badly. At that same time my boss Sheela came towards me and told me, “Now Ratna will take charge of your work. You come with me. I have just received a message that my father is admitted in the hospital. I will need your help.”

     I went with Sheela and helped her in the hospital. Though her father’s condition was not very serious, the treatment was quite expensive. After some time Sheela said to me, “I am very worried, do you know why? I am not only your boss but also owner of the business. I am responsible for all the decisions taken in the office. Tomorrow morning I have to go to Pune with the results of our new project. Unfortunately I can’t handover my work to someone else. If I will not go there, we will loose our client.”

     “Don’t worry, I am here. I will take care of your father. You can go to Pune.” I assured her.

     Then Sheela gave me a small purse and said, “Here is cash in this purse. You may need it for my father’s treatment. I have taken this cash from our office. There are twenty five thousand rupees in this purse, use it for medicines and treatment.” I took that small purse and put it in my tote bag. By that time Sheela’s younger brother came and told us to go home. I assured him, that next morning I will be there in the hospital.

     Then both of us, Sheela and me came out of the hospital. There was a vegetable market near hospital. I purchased some vegetables, put it in other bag and then both of us sat in the auto-rikshaw. As Sheela’s home was near, the auto-rikshaw driver took the vehicle there and Sheela got down near her home. Then I told that driver to take that auto-rikshaw near my home, but as there was some road construction work going on I got down at some distance from my home.

     I started walking towards my home and after some minutes, it came in my mind, that there was only one bag in my hand. I had forgotten my tote bag in that auto-rikshaw and there was that small purse of money which Sheela had given me. I turned back to search that auto-rikshaw, but it was gone. I had not seen it’s number. I felt like whole world was turning around me. It was a big shock for me. At that time twenty five thousand rupees was a big amount for me, it was much more than my salary. ‘How I will return this money to Sheela? What I will tell her?’ the questions were dancing in my mind. Suddenly I felt so low that I thought, ‘Now I will loose my job and it will be a blemish on my future.’

     In those depressing thoughts I came to my home and my nephew came in front of me with a innocent smile. That three year old said to me, “Aunt, you look so tired! I will bring water for you, drink it and you will feel fresh. Don’t worry!” With that warmth in his words I felt so better that tears came in my eyes. With his delicate hands he wiped my tears and his action gave me new hope. I hold him close and the door bell ranged. I was surprised to see the auto-rikshaw driver in the door. There was that tote bag in his hands.

     “Madam, you had forgotten your bag in my auto-rikshaw. When I noticed it, I searched in it and luckily there was your identity card with your address on it. Take your bag and see whether all it’s contents are safe or not.” He said to me giving that bag in my hands. I took that bag and saw that all the contents in that bag were safe. I thanked him and offered him some money for his honesty but he politely refused that and left. But that incidence filled me with optimism and hope for future. I will tell you the same thing that never give up, the world is full of positivity and hope.

Note – This post is written as an entry for campaign “look up stories” .

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