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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

My Dream Home!

     I am a person who likes to travel and see heavenly places in the world, but finally it’s my home which attracts me more than any other place in the world. So I have a concept of dream home in my mind. I would like to have my dream home situated at the place from where I can easily see beauty of nature, but at the same time it must not be situated very away from city. Thus the view of ‘birds sitting on and flying around the green trees and climbers grown on grassy patches with blooms of flowers,’ will give me pleasure while watching through the windows at the morning time. But it is not possible to change the outside view of my home where I am living now. So I have different ideas in my mind about the interior of my latest home and I want to transform it in such a way that it will reflect different aspects of my personality.

     For that I would like to change the colour of my latest home. I would like to paint the walls in faint shades of colour with vibrant but slightly dark coloured borders giving rooms a spacious but cozy feel. The curtains matching the theme of wall paint will add in the beauty, giving me the cheerful feeling. I would like to use the beautiful lamps which will provide sufficient but different amount of light according to different activities, thus helping in saving energy.

     I would like to decorate the walls of rooms with some frames of craftwork, showing my interest in craftwork, along with some beautiful paintings. Also I would like to add a showcase in my living room where I can keep some eye catching showpieces. Reading is my hobby, so there must be a large bookshelf in my home. The plants grown in decorative pots will be kept in gallery, which will help me in partially completing my dream to live with beauty of nature. Also there will be a special space kept and designed for the “DevGhar” for the persons in my family who likes to spend some time in the day for their devotion of God.

     For my living room I would like to arrange the easily movable furniture which can be easily cleaned. Sitting on comfortable, soft seat of sofa and watching TV while taking sips of tea at evening time, after tiresome work of the whole day will give me relaxing feeling. But sometimes I will prefer to sit comfortably and read papers or I will prefer to chat with my family members instead of watching TV, as I like to spend some time with my family. Also I am a person who likes to celebrate some events with my extended family and friends, so I would like to select the furniture which is easily rearrangeble in an uncluttered way to give enough space to the crowd of guests. I would prefer such a seating arrangement in my living room which can be easily converted into sleeping arrangement, so that some guests will be easily accommodate there at night.

     The dining table will be used for dining and at other times it will be also used for other activities like using laptop, writing, for doing craftwork, for doing some work related to kitchen etc. The kitchen would be transformed in such a way, that it will feel spacious and will give enough space to move easily while cooking even if there are two or three persons working in the kitchen. There will be a window with sliding door in one wall of kitchen through which person inside the kitchen will be able to watch TV in the living room or able to pass multiple things in the living room easily. The kitchen will be a modular kitchen which will be easy to clean. As I like to use new technology, it will be equipped with all necessary kitchen appliances and a chimney on the top of cooking top.

     The bedrooms will be having mind soothing, serene colour on walls and curtains matching to that theme. It will complete the need of having one’s own space. There will be big wardrobes in the rooms designed according to need of my family members. The comfortable beds will be having storage area beneath them, so that maximum space will be used. There will be a dressing table in each bedroom kept along the side of the bed. Also there will be enough space to either keep a folding table or table of computer or a study table with one or two chairs or just a TV table according to different needs of different persons.

     Thus I would like to transform my home to complete my idea of my dream home which will reflect different aspects of my personality.

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