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Thursday, August 20, 2015

My Second home as my dream home

     I have used my ideas to decorate my home where I am living now, but now I want to decorate the second home – “Second Home of my family.” I want to decorate it according to my ideas so it will become my dream home. There is one good thing about this second home that, now there is no furniture or any other things kept in this home. So I have many options available for the interior decoration of this home. I am sure I will transform it into a beautiful, warm, comfortable abode.

     This second home is having large windows, so the rooms are having enough light. I will use bright coloured wall paint on one or two walls of the living room and remaining walls will be having paint of contrast colour. I would like to use colour like coral or canary yellow or magenta etc as one shade in the contrast in the living room. The curtains will match the colour theme. Also I would like to use the wall sticker in the rooms to give a cheerful effect.

     I would like to add wooden effect to the furniture in the living room. The seating arrangement with soft seats and decorative cushions will give us much comfort. Also the dining room and living room are having no separation wall, I would like to add a dining table with wooden effect and having the top of glass. In the living room I would like to add small chandeliers with the top of the room decorated with POP design. This design will not be too showy or too simple. Also I would like to add one or two artificial plant’s containers in this room to add in the beauty. (And I will keep real plants in decorative containers in the terraces.)

     The kitchen will be having all modern appliances and it will be furnished according to working need. But I would like to add a shelf made of metal frame on one side of sink, so the just washed pots will be kept there for drying completely. Also I would like to add cabinets in the kitchen which are easy to move. The colour of the kitchen’s walls and cabinets will give cool visual effect like that of turquoise colour .

     One of the bedrooms will be used as study room plus relaxation room plus room for other activities. So in this room there will be computer table with study table with a book shelf and on one side there will be a bed come sofa. In this room I would like to add a comfortable seating near the terrace just to relax and enjoy reading. The lighting arrangement in this room will be made in a way suitable to the complete the needs. In this room I would like use colour shades of olive colour and the curtains matching to that.

     Remaining rooms will be used as bedrooms. The bedrooms will be coloured with colours giving soft visual effect. In bedroom there will be showy beds, decorative curtains, attractive night lamps, small dressing table and wardrobes. The wardrobe doors will be having design on them, just like the wall stickers or I would like to paint it with some painting. Here I would like to use milky colours.

     Thus I will transform the second home of my family into my dream home.

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