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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Easy Transfer - Easy watching

     It is an everyday scenario in many homes that one person takes hold of T. V.'s remote control, plays his / her favorite channel and other people in the family waiting impatiently for getting the chance to take hold of that remote control to play their favorite channels. Sometimes even they fight for it. Thus many people can't watch their favorite programs even when they are in the home. :(

     Even if they get the chance to watch their favorite program, sometimes they have other work, or they have to go out, so they simply record their favorite programs, but alas! They can't watch that recording in their free time, because other people in the family take hold of the remote control to watch their regular favorite programs and every person's choice is different. Again new fight. :) And the victory of the dominant person in the family! :) And the one who wants to watch the recording again waiting impatiently. :( In such conditions some troubled persons take their T. V. Sanyas, :) but they are having a fiery desire to watch their favorite programs, deep in their mind. :) Now what to do? But now no problem, there is answer for your question. :)

     Yes! The answer is simple and easy. What you need is your "T S T Set-Top box", home wi-fi and your smart mobile or ipad - just these things and you can watch your favorite programs any time, anywhere without using any internet connection. :) This is so easy that people like me do not worry while going home late at night. Let me tell you that I watch my favorite programs related to lifestyle, sports like tennis matches, football matches etc., some political discussion programs, cookery shows, some good regional movies in different languages, some shows related to history and sometimes some serials on their interesting mode etc. anytime when I am free. Do you want to see your favorite programs when you are free? But don't know how?

     Here is answer to all your questions. :) You can do it in just few steps! :) 
  • Connect your mobile and T S T Set-Top Box with your home wi-fi. :)
  • Download the T S Mobile App and sign in with your subsciber ID. (Don't worry, it is available on Google play as well as on Apple's App store.) :)
  • Activate the transfer pack on your mobile. :)
  • Now transfer your recorded shows to your Mobile. :)
  • Now open the Transfer section in your mobile app and you are free to enjoy your favorite shows anytime, anywhere, at your ease. :)
     Thus stream your content instantly and watch it relentlessly. (No more fighting for remote control! :) It is in your hand!) Also you can take your enjoyment with you  in your pocket and watch it anywhere, anytime without using any internet connection. :)

     I know now you must be eager to watch your favorite programs! 

Note - This post is written as an entry for contest -  #TATASkyTransfer 

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