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Saturday, October 17, 2015

Let’s Put A Smile On That Face

     A gloomy child in home becomes a reason of worry in home. I have experienced it myself many times. Now it's a routine that my seven-year-old nephew Arnav and my five-year-old niece Prachiti behave in a sulky manner when their mother leaves them with us while going to her office tour for eight to ten days. Though we all try to keep these kids happy, they do not like to part from their mother for so many days. This time also there was no difference. Prachiti was asking me, "Why mother goes away for so many days?"

     I tried to change subject, "It's her work and she can't stop that. But have you seen the crayons that your grandfather brought for you and Arnav? Now you can paint your picture with more shades of colours. Let us see who completes the new picture first. You paint your picture and I will make some dish for you. What do you want to eat?"

     "We want to eat the snacks from that new packet which Mom has brought for us and kept in the freezer." said Arnav. Prachiti agreed immediately.

     "Okay." I said and saw that packet. It was packet of McCain Smiles. So I had to do nothing much but to just deep fry those snacks. So I took the pan, put oil in it and kept that pan on flame and added the snacks one by one in oil to deep fry it, till it turn to golden colour. The mashed Potato's snacks having shape of smiles were deep fried soon and were ready in dishes in next few minutes.

     I kept those smiles in front of gloomy looking Prachiti and Arnav and told them, "These are the smiles ready for you. Now let us decorate it."

     "I like the sweet taste. Let's decorate it with Coconut, Raisins and Shrikhand Goli." said Prachiti with sudden enthusiasm.

     "I will add Strawberry jam having Strawberry pieces on those smiles for more decoration." said Arnav showing more enthusiasm.

     "Good idea! It will taste different than it's regular salty, slightly spicy taste. Let me give you those things, so that you can do the decoration according to your wish!" I told them and gave them all those things.

     Ingredients - 
  • Deep fried golden coloured smiles
  • Chips of Fresh Coconut  
  • Fresh Grated Coconut
  • Raisins
  • Black Raisins
  • Strawberry jam having large pieces of Strawberry
  • Shrikhand Goli (The famous candy in Maharashtra having sweet and sour taste like that of Shrikhand.)

     And the sweet toothed kids started to decorate their Potato smiles with smile on their own faces. Their grandparents also joined them and helped them decorating the smiles and arranging them in dishes. Let's see, first the golden coloured smiles arranged in a dish.

     Prachiti used Fresh Grated Coconut as a spread on smiles and then added a Shrikhand Goli on it and Black Raisin and Raisins for decoration.

     As Arnav was more enthusiastic he used Strawberry Jam with large piece of Strawberry and Fresh Grated Coconut and a Chip of Fresh Coconut as spread on each smile and decorated it with two Shrikhand Golis and a Black Raisin and a Rasin to give it a contrasting appearance.

     Then for all of us we arranged those smiles in dishes and enjoyed it's fruity spicy taste.

     One thing was sure that while doing all that decoration the kids forgot all their sorrow in just few minutes and smiled with cheerful faces. That was a really precious smile for us!

Note - This post is written as an entry for Contest - "Let’s Put A Smile On That Face" 

Note - The opinions in this blog post may differ from the blog author’s personal opinions because this post is specifically written for the contest. Before eating or using any packed food, reading all the information on that pack of food and taking information about it’s ingredients and the effects of those ingredients on health is suggested. Also close observation of any packed food before further use is suggested.

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