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Monday, January 25, 2016

The Impact of our changing lifestyle on plants and animals

     With the new technology our life is changing very fast. It is not only the lifestyle of human beings that is changed but the life of plants and animals also got affected by it. That is serious thing and unfortunately people do not think much on it.

     For the development purpose plants are cut and the land under cultivation becomes less which is responsible for the pollution. That is only the effect about which most of the people knew something. But there are other effects also. When the number of trees become less it affects the number of sparrows in the city. Sparrows mostly feeds on caterpillar, insects and grains. When trees becomes less, they do not get their feed and their number becomes less. On the other side increasing number of pigeons may lead to some allergic diseases. Due to the changed lifestyle in the cities, it has become difficult for vultures to get dead bodies of animals as their food and hence their number is also decreased. Now in some places vulture shelters are created and there the dead bodies of animals are fed to them.

     With the invasion of human beings in the jungle, the area of jungle has become less. Some animals like leopards enter in the cities like Mumbai in search of their prey. In Konkan region there is no jungle path (Corriodor) left for the elephants to enter from one jungle to another jungle, so the elephants enters into the village and attacks the crops, trees, nearby huts etc. and destroys those areas. Sometimes even human beings are killed in such attacks. In Assam there was same situation in one village, but luckily all the villagers decided to left that village and live at another place for the sake of elephants. There are monkeys which comes in groups and enters into the houses of people in search of food. The monkeys are clever enough to open the door of freeze and search for food inside. They also opens the lids of containers and rob the food inside. Mostly it happens in the places which are near to jungle.

     Apart from these things there are other effects of our lifestyles. It is a trend to do lighting on tree trunks occasionally for parties in the cities. But due to such lighting the tree trunks get burnt. Thus people are killing these trees. Also the birds living on those trees gets affected by pollution of lights. The bird’s sleep cycle gets affected and they starts to make calls late at night time due to light of big street lamps or due to light coming from homes where people keeps lights turned on for longer time at night.

     One more effect of our life style is, many animals and birds are getting addicted to fast food made for human beings, which is harmful for their health. On the shoreline, creeks people comes to see the seagulls and they gives them the food like Farsan, chips etc. which is harmful for them. But unfortunately seagulls likes to eat the fast food more than their healthy sea food. This thing happens with other animals also like cats, dogs, monkeys, birds etc. These animals must be saved from the fast food.

     Thus the list will go on and on. But we must think on these basic things.

Music in Children’s Literature

     In this post I am going to discuss about use of music in Children’s literature which is especially Marathi Literature or some translated / original English Literature which I have read or heard about.

     In case of children, listening of music starts when they are just some months old. Their parents, other family members sings ‘time to go to bed songs’ for them and by hearing them children sleeps peacefully. It is their first encounter with music.

     When the children becomes some months old, parents told them the basic level’s children’s stories which do not have much meaning, but the words or similar words in those stories gets repeated again and again creating a rhythm. Children likes to catch that rhythm and later starts to seek meaning of those words. The Marathi song “Adgule Madgle, Sonyache Kadgule” is a good example of that.

     When the children becomes approximately two years old at that time the Marathi story of Sparrow and crow is told to them. In that story the crow whose house is broken in rain, tries to enter into the sparrow’s house and for that he requests the sparrow to open the door and each time sparrow gives him different reasons related to her babies. In that story the lines of conversation have their own rhythm.

     Then the children goes to some preschool nurseries. There the story of the mouse whose cap is taken by the king is told to them, where they get acquainted to the musical instruments like drum and it’s noise when the words “Dhum Dhum Dhumak” are used to describe the noise of the drum. While hearing the story of Krishna they get informed about flute. When they hear the story of the Magical flute player who plays his flute and takes away all the mice in city, which gets attracted to the music of his flute, they learn the magic of music.   

     After this comes the phase when children learn the English songs like ‘Twinkle Twinkle little star,’ ‘Mary had a little lamb,’ ‘Baa Baa Black Sheep’ or Marathi songs like ‘Sasa re Sasa,’ ‘Asava Sundar Chocolatacha Bangala,’ ‘Bholanath Bholanath,’ ‘Nach re Mora’ etc. While learning these songs they get acquainted with different aspects of music. At this time they also get introduced to different musical instruments and they try to play some musical instruments, themselves. Also they take part in playing drama or in dances, thus becoming more familiar with music.

     When the children becomes more old they read the mythical stories about the Singer ‘Tansen’. The stories telling how it rained after Tansen sung the song in Raaga ‘MeghMalhar’ or how the traditional lamps burnt automatically after Tansen sung the song in Raaga ‘DeepRaag’. The other mythical story tells them, ‘how the deers from Jungle got attracted to the song sung by Tansen’s Guru and came near him, became aware only after the Guru puts his mala into the neck of one of the deer which runs in the jungle with other deers.’ These stories make them curious enough to hear more about classical music.

     At the same time there are other fairy tales which tells the story of demons who sleeps tightly after someone sings the song for them or plays an instrument for them. The Greek story of Orpheus and Eurydice tells them about the power of his music. At this stage they read more stories about Krishna and his magical flute and it's effect on cows and humans. They also read other Indian mythological stories about Tandav of Shiva and his dance as NatRaj. Thus in various ways children’s literature teaches them efficiently about different aspects of music.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

GPS Navigation

     Now a days technology has improved so much and made our life easy, that it has significant effect on our perspective and even our perspectives are changing fast according to new technology.

     In past some two hundred years before traveling to a long distance was a difficult task. In India there was fear of thugs who were not only doing robbery, but also taking lives of people that time. Later after the discovery of steam engine travel became fast and people started to travel to long distances more frequently. Now people in India not only use public transport, but also use private four wheeler vehicles for traveling. A very useful technology - the ‘Global Positioning System Navigation’ has playing important role in this traveling and people are visiting new places by seeking roads using GPS Navigation.

     Now we hear or read about some place and decide to go that new place. We search on internet about that place using maps, search the hotels and other necessary facilities, make a plan, then mostly we do online booking of hotels or tickets or vehicles for going there. While going there using the four wheeler GPS navigation helps us much. If we have some problem about the route, it shows us the exact place of our vehicle on the map on our device which helps us to check whether we are on right route or not. It also shows us different ways to go to that specific place, so if we want to choose different way, then we can choose it. With some more applications it also gives us the additional information, if there are tolls in the way or if there is traffic jam in the way etc. which helps us to take proper and quick decision and we become able to reach that place fast due to additional information.

     I took the efficient experience of this technology before few days. Our group of ten people was traveling to a new place in two vehicles – both four wheelers. In one vehicle the group used GPS navigation and found out a short cut to reach that particular place. In another group the driver used his traditional knowledge and selected the longer route which was known to him. Because of that the vehicle taking the longer route reached there late and also it travelled unnecessary fifteen kilometers more.

     GPS Navigation helps us to select the way and it is also important in one more aspect. Now there are flyovers built up on many roads which are suitable to travel a very long distance without any obstacle of crossing vehicles from front side. At the start of such flyovers lanes are kept to enter into the city. If you will not choose the proper lane and instead drive on the flyover then sometimes you have to travel many kilometers away because there is no place to take turn and return at that spot. At such times it is waste of fuel, waste of time. Use of GPS Navigation helps us at such spots and we can reach to our destination more efficiently. 

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Wrong Navigation

     The spacecraft was going from one galaxy to other galaxy. Pruthu, the commander of the spacecraft had sent a message and called all his colleagues for the meeting. All of them were gathered in the central control room for the meeting. The situation was quite tense.

     Pruthu shot a quick glance on all of them and started speaking, “I have called you here to make an announcement. You know all that our Planet Earth is in big danger and we have left our Planet Earth forever to take up our abode on a different planet and reside there forever. There are three planets in the galaxy Andromeda which are suitable for us to live. Now we have to finally decide on which planet we will live forever.”

     “The first planet Zen X is having the same environmental conditions like that of our Earth, but there are aliens - the Zenetians which are more advanced than us. The second planet Xita is having very warm environmental conditions and it’s days are longer than nights by nearly four hours. There are also aliens - the Xitians which are not at all developed. We will tend them and use them just like our animals, for our benefit. The third planet Coxia is very cold and there are thick layers of snow. There are no living organisms. Now we will discuss about it in the next half hour. Then we will take pole on final selection of our new planet.”

     After this speech of Pruthu, those ten people in spacecraft – five men and five women discussed and took pole. Finally they decided to reside on planet Xita. Then again Pruthu started to speak, “Now we have to travel from our galaxy Milky Way to other galaxy Andromeda. That distance is very long, so we have to use the technique of deep sleep travel and our robots will take control of the spacecraft. They will navigate our spacecraft to Xita. After reaching near Xita, robots will wake us up. So let me give orders to robots for our navigation and other controls.”

     After giving all controls in the hands of robots, Pruthu used the technique of deep sleep for animals in spacecraft. He also kept some plants in hibernation conditions. Then he gave sleep capsule to each person in spacecraft with his hand and when they slept in their hibernation capsules, he took his sleep capsule and entered into his own hibernation capsule. Long time gone after this and the spacecraft was moving in the direction of Xita under the control of robotic navigation.

     Pruthu woke up from his deep sleep and came out of his hibernation capsule to see a weird figure in front of him. 

     “Welcome to the Zen X!” said that weird figure.

     “Oh! You are a Zenetian. But how is it possible? We were travelling to Xita under the control of robotic navigation. How could we reach on Zen X?” asked Pruthu. He could see his colleagues as surprised as him after waking up from their deep sleep.

     That weird figure made a unique sound like if it was laughing. Then it said, “It was so simple to make you fool! We were keeping track of you from a long time when you were on Earth. When your spacecraft left galaxy Milky Way and entered galaxy Andromeda, we created a very small black hole in your spacecraft’s way. Yes! We can do that. Due to that black hole some meteors collided with your spacecraft and your robots were forced to stop the travel for some time to repair the outside of spacecraft. When your robots came out of spacecraft for repairing doing their spacewalk, we used our new waves on them and made them non-functional for some time. Then it was not difficult for us to change their programm to navigate you in the direction of our planet. So it’s their wrong navigation which brought you here on planet Zen X. Now you will live with us. We will tend you just like you tend your animals. You will be very useful to us. Coexistence is our need and now it is your need also, because we have destroyed important parts of your spacecraft already. Now there is no escape for you. Oh! You all are looking so tired, take this welcome drink. Cheers! To your robot’s wrong Navigation!”

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Saturday, January 23, 2016

The Fantastico Dream

     It is my dream to take walk in a beautiful jungle, the jungle full of colours, the jungle full of liveliness, the jungle full of greenery and mist, the jungle with music of birds, the jungle where wind flows through bamboos spreading melodious music, the jungle having swiftly flowing rivers which shines brightly with sunlight and at night looks silvery with twinkling stars and moon, the jungle with showering snowflakes, the jungle which is wild but there is no fear, no anxiousness, no worry but it is the jungle which gives me the peace of my mind and soul, the jungle which gives me the sense of completeness and fulfilment, the jungle which is the last stop of my life.

     In my dream I always goes into the jungle and experiences it’s beauty. In that dream it shows me all it’s forms with it’s beauty in all seasons. With slight cold I see the red soil of the hills which are full of multicoloured trees. Some trees having red or orange leaves, some shows shades of pink and magenta, some trees shows their classy purple and some of them just looks showy due to different shades of yellow. It is just the play of colours till the line of horizon. Then the leaves starts to fall down on me playing RangPanchami – Festival of colours and I just gets lost in the beauty of those colours.

     While I have still lost in the thoughts, flows the wind and starts the snowfall with delicate snowflakes coming down on leafless branches of trees, some of which touching my face and falling on my hair. I takes it in my hand and sees at the branches which looks decorated due to the snowflakes. Then I turns my eyes below to see the colourful leaves gets disappearing with flowing wind. That wind flows through Bamboos and spreads melodious music of flute. I looks at the soil which is now covered with snow and with the music of flute shuts my eyes to feel the calm.

     It is the cheerful music of birds which touches my calmness and I opens my eyes to see the trees fully embellished with colourful blooms of flowers. The Gulmohar, Erythrina, Spathodea, Palash shows the brilliant red orange colours, Amaltash pleasantly offers beauty of it’s yellow garland like blooms, Jacaranda saturates the mind with blue and Jarul shows all it’s glory with it’s reddish pink flowers and pacifies the mind.

     With the peaceful mind filled with colourful beauty of flowers, I sees the swiftly flowing river which shines brightly just like the bright energetic Sun high in the sky. With those shining rays I shuts my eyes and opens it to see the silvery river in the dark which shines with moon and twinkling stars in the sky which smiles at me. 

     With the twinkle of the stars falls the drops of rain and with the rising Sun all jungle turns lush green with drops of water shining on the leaves and the birds and animals displaying their beauty in the jungle which is filled by the mist. Now my mind is free from any fear, anxiousness or worry. There is just peace of mind and soul, giving me the sense of completeness and fulfilment.

     I takes a deep breath filled with the fragrance of the jungle and feels a divine fragrance of Prajakta flowers, with it comes the melodious music by wind flowing through the Bamboos, a blue bird with the golden vision flies through the sky and chirps, “Come! Let’s fly to the sky!”

     With the feeling of weightlessness I wakes up from the dream and thinks what a Fantastico Dream it was! Other people will never have such a fantastico dream like me.

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Friday, January 22, 2016

The Great Impact

     Reading is my hobby and in my childhood I got a chance to read all types stories and different ideological articles. But the greatest impact caused on me by the science fiction stories. I always liked science fiction stories. Some Marathi magazines specifically includes science fiction stories in their Diwali special editions. So whenever I get such Diwali special edition I always search first for science fiction stories in their index and read those stories first.

     By reading such stories I was introduced to the names like Dr. Jayant Naralikar, Dr. Bal Phondake, Niranjan Ghate etc. And the magic of these names remained forever on my mind. Dr. Jayant Naralikar is one of the name from the list. I have read his stories as well as novels. The Novel “Preshit” was having great impact on me and I still remember it’s storyline after reading it once even after twenty five years. Later I read more about big bang, black holes, general theory of relativity, special theory of relativity, steady state universe concept, expanding universe concept etc. I read it all because of the curiosity developed by reading science fiction stories, such was the impact of science fiction stories on me.

     Later I read the translation of novel “The Black Cloud” in Marathi. The novel is written by Dr. Fred Hoyle and translated in Marathi by Dr. Jayant Naralikar. The concept in that book was amazing and it gave me a different perspective. At that time I was first introduced to the concept of extraterrestrial origin of life. Reading that book was a very different experience. It is one of my favorite books and I have recommended it to many of my friends. I would like to read that book again after so many years if I will get the chance. Due to this book I became more interested in some subjects and started reading more curiously.

     Due to the impact of reading all those science fiction stories, recently I started to write stories based on science and science fiction subjects. It requires lot of study, search, curiosity, critical thinking and imagination to write such science fiction stories.

     Recently I went to the science convention and Dr. Jayant Naralikar was present there with other scientists. I saw the craze in people about these scientists, especially Dr. jayant Naralikar. Some people were trying to have a few words with him personally and they were feeling very proud about it. Such a popularity even after the failure of the theory of ‘Steady State Universe’ is because of impact of his articles and science fiction stories. What a great impact!

     When a science fiction story writer writes with such an enthusiasm, deep research of the subject and critical thinking and imagination, I am sure the story must be having great impact on it’s readers.

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Impact of Experience

     This is an old story which happened twenty five years ago but still I smiles when I remember this incident. It is about a kid. Kids are kids after all, how much you tell them, advice them, they will just listen it and forget it while playing. Then you have to tell them again and again the things about which you are concerned most. Words are just words for the kids, most times which are not meant to be taken seriously.

     It was Sunday afternoon in May and I was enjoying my college holidays. That day this kid came to my home who was bored because there was no one to play with him. Unfortunately there was only me and my mother in the home to give him company. So we took our lunch together. It was not possible to play some outdoor game with him due to intense heat of Sun. So I told him, “Let’s play Carrom.” He was eager to play.

     I took out my old Carrom board which was not used for long time. The board was having a slight bulge due to moisture on one side. But the kid was happy because he had never played carrom before. I took out the box of boric acid powder, put some powder on carrom board and told the kid, “Remember, this powder we are using is toxic in nature. Wash your hands after your game is over.”

     Then I took out Queen, white discs, black discs and arranged those on the board and handed him a striker. I told him the rules of game. While playing I taught him some tricks about handling the striker. The kid was learning it. While playing we did not realize how much time was passed.

     It was my mother who went into the kitchen. After sometime she called me and I went inside. I washed my hands and took out the dish full of pakods. I put it near the kid and told him, “Wash your hands and eat it. I will bring tea for us.”

     But the kid was busy in playing. He said, “Oh! Let me first pocket this queen! Then I will eat it.” 

     Then I brought our tea and saw that the kid was still playing carrom. I said with a slight irritation, “Now first wash your hands and take your tea and pakods. Otherwise it will become cold.”

     Again I went into the kitchen to bring my pakodas. When I came out I saw him eating his pakods. I also took my pakoda and while eating observed the carrom board. Suddenly I saw a ant on carrom board and exclaimed, “Hey! See this ant is died due to poisonous boric acid powder.”

     And I was surprised to see that the kid was crying loudly. For some seconds I did not realized why he was crying. Then I asked him, “Haven’t you washed your hands before eating and that’s why you are crying?”

     He moved his head in affirmation. I explained him considerately, “Hey, calm down! You will not die due to such a small amount of boric acid powder. This small amount of boric acid powder is sufficient for killing a small ant. But humans do not die due to such a small amount of boric acid powder. But if it is consumed in large dose, then it is poisonous to humans. It is not good for our health. So it is necessary to wash the hands when the game stops. Do not worry, still you can wash your hands. And remember to wash your hands every time your game is over.”

     He stood up immediately and went to wash his hands. After washing his hands he ate his pakodas and drank tea in satisfaction. But this incident taught me that, ‘Impact of actual experience is always more than impact of words and it helps us learning things effectively.’ It was having such an impact of this incidence on my life that I not only learned something from it, but this incidence got inscribed on my mind forever!

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Thursday, January 21, 2016

It Goes Straight To The Heart

     Music is an integral part of lifestyle of Indian people. The end of last year – year 2015 was very musical for me. It was after many years I had gone to the theatre to watch the musical movie “Katyar Kaljat Ghusli”. Not only watching but also listening that movie was a very different, wonderful experience. The movie is based on Marathi musical drama, “Katyar Kaljat Ghusli” which remained a famous musical drama throughout it’s history due to it’s singers and music. It is having special place in the heart of people who likes to listen classical music.

     The original story of drama is somewhat changed in the movie and there is also change of some songs. Only some of the songs from drama are used in the movie with some of their first lines. Some new songs are added in the movie which are not in the drama. The new music is given by the Shankar - Ehsaan – Loy, but the old music given by Pt. Jitendra Abhisheki for songs in the drama is kept as it is, without any change. It is great that the new music easily got mixed up with the old music and it is difficult for the new audience to differentiate between the old and new songs.

     By listening those songs what I felt was the songs are purposely kept smaller, so that the music will attract even that audience who do not like to listen classical music and get bored due to it. The music of the movie is successful in that aspect and I have seen many youngsters who had seen this movie twice, thrice or more than that just for it’s music. Many people get interested in classical music after listening the music of this movie and they are turning to see the original musical drama.

     It is not only the musical drama, but also the classical singers like Rahul Deshpande, Mahesh Kale who had sung the songs in the movie are getting huge response from the audience for their singing programmes. Surely it’s credit goes to the music of the movie which won the hearts of the people. Not only music but also acting and direction are good. It is unbelievable to hear that it is the director’s first attempt to direct the movie. Though the movie is not reached to the height of that dramatic effect which was experienced in musical drama, it’s good music, good acting, good direction with a somewhat different story overall gives a wonderful experience which is sufficient to attract new audience. Even non Maharastrian people were seemed to eager to watch this movie. That’s why this film gave tough competition to Hindi movies which were released on the same day of Diwali. This movie and it’s music both made Maharastrian people’s Diwali festive.

     For me this movie and it’s music gave me a pleasant experience and I was quite satisfied while coming out of the theatre. So I will say about it’s music that it’s really goes straight to the heart as it’s name suggest- “Katyar Kaljat Ghusli”.

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The Peppy Child

     Recently in the second week of January I went to the Hurada party on a farm near Pune with a group of my close relatives. (Hurada - roasted newly riped Jawar grains.) There were many visitors just like us who also came there for enjoying Hurada party. But our group sat distantly in the shade of a big, old Tamarind tree. The tree was such a huge tree that it’s shade was sufficient to accommodate about hundred people below the tree and the position of Sun in the sky was such that there was shade below that huge tree for the entire day. The shade was so cool, that some of the people of our group immediately sat relaxed on the mat spread below that tree. In that shade we couldn’t resist our temptation to walk barefoot on the black fertile soil which was soft to touch.

     While taking our breakfast in the shade of that tree we could see the peppy children taking bullock cart ride and horse ride. By seeing that we decided to play badminton after our breakfast and took out our rackets for playing. On one plot of farm the lawn was grown specially for playing, where we played. It was after many years we were playing badminton, but the heat was so much that we hardly played for about half an hour. When we returned in the shade of the tree, we saw a boy who was about 3-4 years old came there with his parents and sat on a mat below the tree near our group. That child was very peppy in nature.

     By listening that boy’s conversation with his parents, one of us offered him a ball for playing and that boy happily took it and joined our group for playing. While playing he was asking many questions, “What will happen if the ball will go far away in the crops? Then who will bring that ball?” It was a sheer joy to talk with that peppy boy. When the ball accidently went in the direction of his sleeping father, he warned us, “Don’t throw ball in that direction, my father is sleeping there.” And then he ordered his father, “Wake up father, we are playing here.” By seeing his so active nature, one of us gave him a Tamarind fruit and turned his attention elsewhere.

     Taking that Tamarind fruit, the boy exclaimed, “We are sitting below the Tamarind tree, that’s why there are so many Tamarind fruits.” Then while talking with us he told us his complete name and added to it that he is a Punekar – a citizen of Pune with pride in his words. Then he told us that he has visited Mumbai and Konkan and described the things about his travel. When we showed him the hanging bar tied to a branch, he wanted to swing himself on that bar. His father who had woke up by that time, helped him to take swings on that bar.

     Then we went for the lunch. After taking lunch that boy took bath in the water which was pumped by a motor for irrigation of crops. Then he changed his clothes with the help of his mother and again joined our group. After some light conversation with us, he took a nap with the oldest person in our group for half an hour, in the shade of that Tamarind tree. Then it was the time for some activities. We went for the bullock cart ride and that boy went for horse riding. After that we ate the Hurada (roasted newly riped Jawar grains) with Chutney and drank Sugarcane juice and started our journey to home after saying goodbye. We went to the Hurada party, but it was that peppy boy who made our day full of enjoyment and fun that we still remember him instead of the Hurada party.

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This blog post is inspired by the blogging marathon hosted on IndiBlogger for the launch of the #Fantastico Zica from Tata Motors. You can apply for a test drive of the hatchback Zica today.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Gold Morning

     It is the freshness of the morning and brightness of the Sun which makes my morning cheerful. Waking at morning after a good sleep and then cleaning of body both gives the feeling of freshness. And when it comes to mouth cleaning, fresh breath with complete mouth cleaning and that too without any toothache are very important factors for the freshness of the mouth and with such a freshness every good morning turns into gold Morning. Yes! Gold Morning with Colgate 360° Charcoal Gold!

     Yesterday morning I received a beautiful packet from Colgate containing Colgate 360° Charcoal Gold brush in a box with Golden goodies. The entire thing was so attractive that I couldn’t resist my temptation to use that brush immediately. Using that brush was definitely a different experience which I would like to take again and again.

     As stated by Colgate that brush is having very different features. This Golden coloured beautiful soft brush with firm grip is designed to effectively clean teeth, tongue, cheeks and gums. The brush is having 17 times slimmer tip bristles when compared to ordinary flat-trimmed toothbrush. These bristles reach deeper in between teeth and along the gumline for effective cleaning. This brush is having Charcoal infused slim tip spiral bristles which cleans and removes stains. Also the bristles are antigerm bristles which fights germ growth on the brush for up to 90 days, so there is no fear of germs on brush after cleaning that brush. So definitely this brush is different than other ordinary brushes. With it’s features the brush gives experience of whole mouth cleaning and we can say it as the ‘Gold Standard of Whole Mouth Cleaning.’

     If you want to turn your good mornings into Gold Mornings just like me then here is my mantra for you, “Choose the proper toothpaste according to the condition of your teeth, then select proper type of toothbrush for you which is best for removing plaque and debris from your teeth, then brush your teeth in proper way by cleaning the outer and inner and chewing surface of your upper and lower teeth with cleaning of tongue, cheeks and gums which will help for fresh breath. By doing this with the Gold Standard of Whole Mouth Cleaning will surely turn your good mornings into Gold Mornings just like me whose good mornings turned into Gold Mornings by using the Colgate 360° Charcoal Gold brush! #Colgate360GoldMornings – Feeling fresh!”

Note – This post is specifically written for campaign “Wake up to a Gold Morning” for - #Colgate360GoldMornings – so users are suggested to take all the information about the product mentioned in the post before use of the product.