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Friday, January 22, 2016

Impact of Experience

     This is an old story which happened twenty five years ago but still I smiles when I remember this incident. It is about a kid. Kids are kids after all, how much you tell them, advice them, they will just listen it and forget it while playing. Then you have to tell them again and again the things about which you are concerned most. Words are just words for the kids, most times which are not meant to be taken seriously.

     It was Sunday afternoon in May and I was enjoying my college holidays. That day this kid came to my home who was bored because there was no one to play with him. Unfortunately there was only me and my mother in the home to give him company. So we took our lunch together. It was not possible to play some outdoor game with him due to intense heat of Sun. So I told him, “Let’s play Carrom.” He was eager to play.

     I took out my old Carrom board which was not used for long time. The board was having a slight bulge due to moisture on one side. But the kid was happy because he had never played carrom before. I took out the box of boric acid powder, put some powder on carrom board and told the kid, “Remember, this powder we are using is toxic in nature. Wash your hands after your game is over.”

     Then I took out Queen, white discs, black discs and arranged those on the board and handed him a striker. I told him the rules of game. While playing I taught him some tricks about handling the striker. The kid was learning it. While playing we did not realize how much time was passed.

     It was my mother who went into the kitchen. After sometime she called me and I went inside. I washed my hands and took out the dish full of pakods. I put it near the kid and told him, “Wash your hands and eat it. I will bring tea for us.”

     But the kid was busy in playing. He said, “Oh! Let me first pocket this queen! Then I will eat it.” 

     Then I brought our tea and saw that the kid was still playing carrom. I said with a slight irritation, “Now first wash your hands and take your tea and pakods. Otherwise it will become cold.”

     Again I went into the kitchen to bring my pakodas. When I came out I saw him eating his pakods. I also took my pakoda and while eating observed the carrom board. Suddenly I saw a ant on carrom board and exclaimed, “Hey! See this ant is died due to poisonous boric acid powder.”

     And I was surprised to see that the kid was crying loudly. For some seconds I did not realized why he was crying. Then I asked him, “Haven’t you washed your hands before eating and that’s why you are crying?”

     He moved his head in affirmation. I explained him considerately, “Hey, calm down! You will not die due to such a small amount of boric acid powder. This small amount of boric acid powder is sufficient for killing a small ant. But humans do not die due to such a small amount of boric acid powder. But if it is consumed in large dose, then it is poisonous to humans. It is not good for our health. So it is necessary to wash the hands when the game stops. Do not worry, still you can wash your hands. And remember to wash your hands every time your game is over.”

     He stood up immediately and went to wash his hands. After washing his hands he ate his pakodas and drank tea in satisfaction. But this incident taught me that, ‘Impact of actual experience is always more than impact of words and it helps us learning things effectively.’ It was having such an impact of this incidence on my life that I not only learned something from it, but this incidence got inscribed on my mind forever!

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