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Saturday, January 23, 2016

The Fantastico Dream

     It is my dream to take walk in a beautiful jungle, the jungle full of colours, the jungle full of liveliness, the jungle full of greenery and mist, the jungle with music of birds, the jungle where wind flows through bamboos spreading melodious music, the jungle having swiftly flowing rivers which shines brightly with sunlight and at night looks silvery with twinkling stars and moon, the jungle with showering snowflakes, the jungle which is wild but there is no fear, no anxiousness, no worry but it is the jungle which gives me the peace of my mind and soul, the jungle which gives me the sense of completeness and fulfilment, the jungle which is the last stop of my life.

     In my dream I always goes into the jungle and experiences it’s beauty. In that dream it shows me all it’s forms with it’s beauty in all seasons. With slight cold I see the red soil of the hills which are full of multicoloured trees. Some trees having red or orange leaves, some shows shades of pink and magenta, some trees shows their classy purple and some of them just looks showy due to different shades of yellow. It is just the play of colours till the line of horizon. Then the leaves starts to fall down on me playing RangPanchami – Festival of colours and I just gets lost in the beauty of those colours.

     While I have still lost in the thoughts, flows the wind and starts the snowfall with delicate snowflakes coming down on leafless branches of trees, some of which touching my face and falling on my hair. I takes it in my hand and sees at the branches which looks decorated due to the snowflakes. Then I turns my eyes below to see the colourful leaves gets disappearing with flowing wind. That wind flows through Bamboos and spreads melodious music of flute. I looks at the soil which is now covered with snow and with the music of flute shuts my eyes to feel the calm.

     It is the cheerful music of birds which touches my calmness and I opens my eyes to see the trees fully embellished with colourful blooms of flowers. The Gulmohar, Erythrina, Spathodea, Palash shows the brilliant red orange colours, Amaltash pleasantly offers beauty of it’s yellow garland like blooms, Jacaranda saturates the mind with blue and Jarul shows all it’s glory with it’s reddish pink flowers and pacifies the mind.

     With the peaceful mind filled with colourful beauty of flowers, I sees the swiftly flowing river which shines brightly just like the bright energetic Sun high in the sky. With those shining rays I shuts my eyes and opens it to see the silvery river in the dark which shines with moon and twinkling stars in the sky which smiles at me. 

     With the twinkle of the stars falls the drops of rain and with the rising Sun all jungle turns lush green with drops of water shining on the leaves and the birds and animals displaying their beauty in the jungle which is filled by the mist. Now my mind is free from any fear, anxiousness or worry. There is just peace of mind and soul, giving me the sense of completeness and fulfilment.

     I takes a deep breath filled with the fragrance of the jungle and feels a divine fragrance of Prajakta flowers, with it comes the melodious music by wind flowing through the Bamboos, a blue bird with the golden vision flies through the sky and chirps, “Come! Let’s fly to the sky!”

     With the feeling of weightlessness I wakes up from the dream and thinks what a Fantastico Dream it was! Other people will never have such a fantastico dream like me.

Note -
This blog post is inspired by the blogging marathon hosted on IndiBlogger for the launch of the #Fantastico Zica from Tata Motors. You can apply for a test drive of the hatchback Zica today.

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