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Monday, January 25, 2016

The Impact of our changing lifestyle on plants and animals

     With the new technology our life is changing very fast. It is not only the lifestyle of human beings that is changed but the life of plants and animals also got affected by it. That is serious thing and unfortunately people do not think much on it.

     For the development purpose plants are cut and the land under cultivation becomes less which is responsible for the pollution. That is only the effect about which most of the people knew something. But there are other effects also. When the number of trees become less it affects the number of sparrows in the city. Sparrows mostly feeds on caterpillar, insects and grains. When trees becomes less, they do not get their feed and their number becomes less. On the other side increasing number of pigeons may lead to some allergic diseases. Due to the changed lifestyle in the cities, it has become difficult for vultures to get dead bodies of animals as their food and hence their number is also decreased. Now in some places vulture shelters are created and there the dead bodies of animals are fed to them.

     With the invasion of human beings in the jungle, the area of jungle has become less. Some animals like leopards enter in the cities like Mumbai in search of their prey. In Konkan region there is no jungle path (Corriodor) left for the elephants to enter from one jungle to another jungle, so the elephants enters into the village and attacks the crops, trees, nearby huts etc. and destroys those areas. Sometimes even human beings are killed in such attacks. In Assam there was same situation in one village, but luckily all the villagers decided to left that village and live at another place for the sake of elephants. There are monkeys which comes in groups and enters into the houses of people in search of food. The monkeys are clever enough to open the door of freeze and search for food inside. They also opens the lids of containers and rob the food inside. Mostly it happens in the places which are near to jungle.

     Apart from these things there are other effects of our lifestyles. It is a trend to do lighting on tree trunks occasionally for parties in the cities. But due to such lighting the tree trunks get burnt. Thus people are killing these trees. Also the birds living on those trees gets affected by pollution of lights. The bird’s sleep cycle gets affected and they starts to make calls late at night time due to light of big street lamps or due to light coming from homes where people keeps lights turned on for longer time at night.

     One more effect of our life style is, many animals and birds are getting addicted to fast food made for human beings, which is harmful for their health. On the shoreline, creeks people comes to see the seagulls and they gives them the food like Farsan, chips etc. which is harmful for them. But unfortunately seagulls likes to eat the fast food more than their healthy sea food. This thing happens with other animals also like cats, dogs, monkeys, birds etc. These animals must be saved from the fast food.

     Thus the list will go on and on. But we must think on these basic things.

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