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Thursday, January 21, 2016

The Peppy Child

     Recently in the second week of January I went to the Hurada party on a farm near Pune with a group of my close relatives. (Hurada - roasted newly riped Jawar grains.) There were many visitors just like us who also came there for enjoying Hurada party. But our group sat distantly in the shade of a big, old Tamarind tree. The tree was such a huge tree that it’s shade was sufficient to accommodate about hundred people below the tree and the position of Sun in the sky was such that there was shade below that huge tree for the entire day. The shade was so cool, that some of the people of our group immediately sat relaxed on the mat spread below that tree. In that shade we couldn’t resist our temptation to walk barefoot on the black fertile soil which was soft to touch.

     While taking our breakfast in the shade of that tree we could see the peppy children taking bullock cart ride and horse ride. By seeing that we decided to play badminton after our breakfast and took out our rackets for playing. On one plot of farm the lawn was grown specially for playing, where we played. It was after many years we were playing badminton, but the heat was so much that we hardly played for about half an hour. When we returned in the shade of the tree, we saw a boy who was about 3-4 years old came there with his parents and sat on a mat below the tree near our group. That child was very peppy in nature.

     By listening that boy’s conversation with his parents, one of us offered him a ball for playing and that boy happily took it and joined our group for playing. While playing he was asking many questions, “What will happen if the ball will go far away in the crops? Then who will bring that ball?” It was a sheer joy to talk with that peppy boy. When the ball accidently went in the direction of his sleeping father, he warned us, “Don’t throw ball in that direction, my father is sleeping there.” And then he ordered his father, “Wake up father, we are playing here.” By seeing his so active nature, one of us gave him a Tamarind fruit and turned his attention elsewhere.

     Taking that Tamarind fruit, the boy exclaimed, “We are sitting below the Tamarind tree, that’s why there are so many Tamarind fruits.” Then while talking with us he told us his complete name and added to it that he is a Punekar – a citizen of Pune with pride in his words. Then he told us that he has visited Mumbai and Konkan and described the things about his travel. When we showed him the hanging bar tied to a branch, he wanted to swing himself on that bar. His father who had woke up by that time, helped him to take swings on that bar.

     Then we went for the lunch. After taking lunch that boy took bath in the water which was pumped by a motor for irrigation of crops. Then he changed his clothes with the help of his mother and again joined our group. After some light conversation with us, he took a nap with the oldest person in our group for half an hour, in the shade of that Tamarind tree. Then it was the time for some activities. We went for the bullock cart ride and that boy went for horse riding. After that we ate the Hurada (roasted newly riped Jawar grains) with Chutney and drank Sugarcane juice and started our journey to home after saying goodbye. We went to the Hurada party, but it was that peppy boy who made our day full of enjoyment and fun that we still remember him instead of the Hurada party.

Note -           

This blog post is inspired by the blogging marathon hosted on IndiBlogger for the launch of the #Fantastico Zica from Tata Motors. You can apply for a test drive of the hatchback Zica today.

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