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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Wrong Navigation

     The spacecraft was going from one galaxy to other galaxy. Pruthu, the commander of the spacecraft had sent a message and called all his colleagues for the meeting. All of them were gathered in the central control room for the meeting. The situation was quite tense.

     Pruthu shot a quick glance on all of them and started speaking, “I have called you here to make an announcement. You know all that our Planet Earth is in big danger and we have left our Planet Earth forever to take up our abode on a different planet and reside there forever. There are three planets in the galaxy Andromeda which are suitable for us to live. Now we have to finally decide on which planet we will live forever.”

     “The first planet Zen X is having the same environmental conditions like that of our Earth, but there are aliens - the Zenetians which are more advanced than us. The second planet Xita is having very warm environmental conditions and it’s days are longer than nights by nearly four hours. There are also aliens - the Xitians which are not at all developed. We will tend them and use them just like our animals, for our benefit. The third planet Coxia is very cold and there are thick layers of snow. There are no living organisms. Now we will discuss about it in the next half hour. Then we will take pole on final selection of our new planet.”

     After this speech of Pruthu, those ten people in spacecraft – five men and five women discussed and took pole. Finally they decided to reside on planet Xita. Then again Pruthu started to speak, “Now we have to travel from our galaxy Milky Way to other galaxy Andromeda. That distance is very long, so we have to use the technique of deep sleep travel and our robots will take control of the spacecraft. They will navigate our spacecraft to Xita. After reaching near Xita, robots will wake us up. So let me give orders to robots for our navigation and other controls.”

     After giving all controls in the hands of robots, Pruthu used the technique of deep sleep for animals in spacecraft. He also kept some plants in hibernation conditions. Then he gave sleep capsule to each person in spacecraft with his hand and when they slept in their hibernation capsules, he took his sleep capsule and entered into his own hibernation capsule. Long time gone after this and the spacecraft was moving in the direction of Xita under the control of robotic navigation.

     Pruthu woke up from his deep sleep and came out of his hibernation capsule to see a weird figure in front of him. 

     “Welcome to the Zen X!” said that weird figure.

     “Oh! You are a Zenetian. But how is it possible? We were travelling to Xita under the control of robotic navigation. How could we reach on Zen X?” asked Pruthu. He could see his colleagues as surprised as him after waking up from their deep sleep.

     That weird figure made a unique sound like if it was laughing. Then it said, “It was so simple to make you fool! We were keeping track of you from a long time when you were on Earth. When your spacecraft left galaxy Milky Way and entered galaxy Andromeda, we created a very small black hole in your spacecraft’s way. Yes! We can do that. Due to that black hole some meteors collided with your spacecraft and your robots were forced to stop the travel for some time to repair the outside of spacecraft. When your robots came out of spacecraft for repairing doing their spacewalk, we used our new waves on them and made them non-functional for some time. Then it was not difficult for us to change their programm to navigate you in the direction of our planet. So it’s their wrong navigation which brought you here on planet Zen X. Now you will live with us. We will tend you just like you tend your animals. You will be very useful to us. Coexistence is our need and now it is your need also, because we have destroyed important parts of your spacecraft already. Now there is no escape for you. Oh! You all are looking so tired, take this welcome drink. Cheers! To your robot’s wrong Navigation!”

Note -
This blog post is inspired by the blogging marathon hosted on IndiBlogger for the launch of the #Fantastico Zica from Tata Motors. You can apply for a test drive of the hatchback Zica today.

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