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Sunday, February 14, 2016

The Revenge

     There is a village named ‘Kopargaon’ which is situated near the city. Though it is a village, it is well developed and having many modern facilities like that of city. But the area is still not much populated because there are many bungalows surrounding with lush green gardens. The incident happened in this village in a beautifully built two storied bungalow named ‘Ritugandh’, which was once owned by Neeraj and his wife Nirupa.

     Neeraj was doing job in a company. After his promotion the company decided to sent him in another city for their business expansion. So Neeraj went there, but his wife Nirupa and his children remained in the Kopargaon. Neeraj was coming to Kopargaon once in fifteen days. One day when he came to home, he got the message that Nirupa was went in the market with children.

     As Neeraj was alone in the Bungalow he went to the terrace to enjoy the scenery of the surrounding. When he opened the door of terrace, he saw that the terrace was looking very dirty. ‘Looks like Malabai haven’t cleaned this terrace for some days.’ He thought and went ahead. He saw a big branch of tree overgrown in the terrace. In the surge of anger he immediately went down and brought the electric cutter on the terrace. In next minute he started to cut that big overgrown branch of the tree. He noticed a bird’s nest with three bluish green eggs in it, but he paid no attention to it. While cutting that branch completely that nest and all the eggs in it fell on the terrace and broke into pieces. Suddenly Neeraj heard a harsh caw of a crow and that angry crow was flying around him. The crow was waiting for a chance to attack on Neeraj, but it was due to that electric cutter crow was not able to do that. Somehow Neeraj managed to escape from the terrace.

     When Nirupa returned to home and heard about that incident, she said to Neeraj, “It’s not good. That crow will recognize you and will try to attack on you. Save yourself! We were keeping the terrace locked because of that angry crow. That crow was trying to attack us for saving the eggs whenever we were going to the terrace.”

     After some time when Neeraj came out of his bungalow, the angry crow came and tried to hurt him with his sharp beak. As Neeraj was already warned by his wife, he immediately went inside. Thus he remained at home for that whole day. On the morning of the second day again he went outside and the crow attacked on him making a small wound on his head. Neeraj went to the doctor and returned with a bandage on his head. But the crow made no mistake and once again tried to hurt him. On the next day while going to his office in other city Neeraj put a cap on his head, but the crow attacked once again and tried to remove that cap.

     When Neeraj returned to his home after fifteen days, he was hoping that there will be no crow. But alas! The crow saw him and attacked immediately. The next three days in Kopargaon were like a nightmare for Neeraj. Whenever he tried to came out of home, the crow attacked on him violently. The attacks of crow never stopped in next few months and the impact of those continuous attacks was such that, Neeraj was fearing to go alone outside. His visits to his home stopped for some time. But again for some work he had to go there. Then someone suggested him to use umbrella.

     That day Neeraj went out of his home with an umbrella. But the violent crow made no mistake and recognized him in an instant. The crow attacked on umbrella with his sharp beak and umbrella's cloth was torn into pieces. The angry crow once again burst on Neeraj violently and broke his eye with his sharp beak. Luckily someone was passing on the road, who saved him from the crow and admitted him to the hospital. In that incident he lost his eye, which was having disastrous impact on his life. Finally he left that village Kopargaon forever and sold his beautiful bungalow to someone else.

     Now he is telling others, “The impact of my anger was destruction of that crow’s nest. The disastrous impact of destruction of crow’s nest was loss of my eye forever. With that I also lost of my beautiful bungalow. If I would have known about this impact then I would never have destroyed crow’s nest. Now before doing any thing, first I think about it’s impact and then act accordingly.”

Note - 
This blog post is inspired by the blogging marathon hosted on IndiBlogger for the launch of the #Fantastico Zica from Tata Motors. You can apply for a test drive of the hatchback Zica today.

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